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    Seraphina (Disgaea)
    Oh-hohohohohoho! All men are destined to become my obedient servants... Hah!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Haughty but funny demon princess
    Age: 1724
    Species: Demon (Succubus)
    Portrayed by: Sarah Emi Brudicutt (Japanese)
    Kira Buckland
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Disgaea

    Seraphina is a character from the video game Disgaea 5. She is a succubus princess and overlord of the Gorgeous Netherworld. She is a member of the Rebel Army and attempts to assassinate Void Dark to save her Netherworld from poverty and marry Killia.

    Why She's Gorgeous

    1. She's a parody of the Himedere archetype done in a very well execution as being a succubus princess fits her haughty, spoiled nature though has her caring moments for her friends and others.
    2. Her haughty attitude is done in a very comical and humorous fashion rather than being mean-spirited and fits the nature of a succubus very well.
    3. She isn't always arrogant and spoiled as she does still care for her allies and helps Usalia from her destructive state as well as help Killia defeat Void Dark.
    4. Her design is very beautiful and fits very well for her being a princess and succubus ruler of her Netherworld.
    5. Her voice is very well done in both Japanese and English especially her English actress Kira Buckland who does a great job at making her sound haughty and her Oujousama laugh is better done than how Sarah Emi Brudicutt did her laugh.
    6. Her "next episode preview" appearances are really comical and humorous as they mostly have her fantasizing about Killia, making a Detective Conan parody and a well done hint of irony where she censors Red Magnus and Zeroken flexing their pecs in the preview for being to sexual and inappropriate yet shows her cleavage during her censor message in the preview.
    7. She admits herself being inexperienced in combat at times as she tends to have her allies and the Prinnies fight for her. Her fighting inexperience can be fixed humorously by leveling her up to ridiculous levels as usual for the Disgaea series.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her Oujousama laugh can get annoying at times as she uses it most of the time in the game.
    2. Her arguing with Red Magnus can get annoying as it's done too many times and tend to be pointless for the most part.
    3. While it makes sense due to her being a succubus. She can be sexist at times as she wants all men to kneel down before her and her overload skill Balor Gaze can only work on Male units. Though she isn't as bad with this as Tenko Chabashira from Danganronpa V3.


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