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    Scoobo (SuperSonicJoseph)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Swearing, violence, and more

    Not to be confused with a video made by ThunderHumor with the same name and featuring a comedic version of Scooby-Doo.

    Scoobo Norriso
    Hey fatface! ... You don't, mess with, Scoobo!!!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Superheroic Vigilante
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Dog
    Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (2016-2022)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017), SSJ Series (The 2017-19 Era)

    "It's Scoobo Pussies!! Me and Sonic are here to KICK YOUR ASS!!!."

    Scoobo to Eggman.

    Scoobo Doobo Norriso is a major character and deuteragonist/tritagonist of The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017) and the SuperSonicJoseph series from the web channel SuperSonicJoseph (currently named Joseph Sanford).

    He is voiced by Joseph DiAngelo Sanford.


    He is a tall, brown anthropomorphic Great Dane who is known for his obsession with battling Eggman alongside Sonic (in exaggeratedly heroic ways), spouting out his own name, and often loves being downright extreme with decision-making and causing some mischief in a comedic manner due to his many superpowers and his enjoyment in crimefighting, he is one of Sonic's best friends and is the 2nd leader of Team Sonic & Friends.

    Throughout the series, he is depicted as good-hearted, thrill-seeking, omnipotent, confident and a protagonist who's on Sonic's side fighting for justice and righteous moral value. He's also protective of his home and his people from any villain and danger lurking around him, proving himself to be a competent hero who prevents any trouble happening in the Animal Kingdom with his superpowers, unpredictability, and courage.


    He is a calm, outgoing, sane, rollicking, and energetic dog who is both, an adrenaline junkie and generally has fun with being a hero who defeats villains and foes in a sadistic fashion with his many superpowers, where he is extremely self-assured in his own respective ways. He is often a hero of his own home, which is on Sonic's side at all times. As well as being carefree yet energetic, lively, charismatic, outgoing, empathetic, earnest, bombastic, and rambunctious. He is extremely self-assured in his own respective ways, often taking joy in his role as the hero in the manner of a powerful thrill-seeker that is on Sonic's side at all times.

    His biggest traits are his boisterously goofy mannerisms and fearless attitude. Every time he's on screen he always has a cheerful & hammy inflection in his extremely manly, deep voice. Like an extrovert, he seldom speaks calmly and his default vocal setting is shouting as a cartoonish army general would be. He tends to be quite exuberant, often spouts out his name in the third person, and his sentences can be somewhat tuneful on occasion.

    Even though he sometimes mistreats some of his friends (i.e. Mickey and Mario) in a playful manner for comedic purposes or unintentionally unruly (i.e. Sonic), he still does care about keeping them all safe from any kind of danger.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is a very diverse version of Scooby-Doo because of having several personality traits, which makes Scoobo out to be the manliest, the most rollicking, and most powerful version of Scooby-Doo ever made.
    2. While most characters in past videos had a certain charm, they didn't have much to say about their personality traits aside from just "goofy", "odd", "random", and "lighthearted". Where some characters like the hyperactive Sonic T. Junior (who is a gamer that is obsessed with Sonic Mania to a fault) and the series' recurring science-obsessed supervillain Dr. Eggman; have their quirks, Scoobo has become one of the series' biggest exceptions.
      • He stands out the most for being incredibly jaunty and having a jovial mannerism, he either tends to chillax when there isn't any crime happening, was sometimes noted to work in the military by having a visible scar on his paw from the past, and likes to fly around a lot on his guitar and pilots (or drives) his rocking gamer chair he somehow can change into a flying vehicle or to even drive on foot (which he refers to as his jet regardless as seen in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Napped!"), and he used to use a Nerf gun to fly as seen in "SSL Movie: Sonic's Big Mistake!!". He can also be seen flying around single-handedly like Superman does ever since the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!".
      • The way he generally refers to himself in the third person, even when he does anything like for example saying stuff like: "Scoobo Punch!", "Scoobo Charge!", "Scoobo Spike!", "Scoobo Power!", and even "SCOOBOALITY", are both; incredibly charming and funny at the same time as it never gets old to listen to.
      • He also likes hunting for monsters in his spare time, which is outside the kingdom oftentimes.
    3. His boisterous and fun-loving personality often makes him very entertaining to watch (alongside Sonic T. Junior). Because of this, the series wouldn't be as memorable, exciting, or nearly as funny without him!
    4. Speaking of which, whenever he does fight by flying or does something energetic by being heroic in a violent way alongside Sonic (or doing it single-handedly), it often sets a feel-good tone for an action-packed scene (especially since DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat", being the song that plays when he starts kicking ass).
      • This is especially carried over to him being Sonic's best friend who loves to join in with making things more fun for the both of them while keeping his home peaceful.
    5. Ever since the beginning of the SSJ Era, he has been portrayed as a cartoonish superhero with conveniently ludicrous special powers at his disposal, giving him many chances to take full advantage on his foes in a destructive and sometimes belligerent yet humorous manner. His mischief and frolics were often the funniest and some of the most memorable, especially how he aggressively defeats Eggman in amusing and chaotic ways.
    6. On top of being powerful and a crimefighter, he has an uninhibited, naturally free-spirited, thrill-seeking, and sometimes mischievous sense of humor applied to his heroism, which makes him very comical and hilarious in his ways with overpowering Eggman in strategic ways.
    7. Joseph DiAngelo Sanford does an excellent job at voicing him.
      • Where his exaggeratedly manly and hammy deep tone of voice makes him sound a lot like a boisterous Fat Albert if he had some inflections that somewhat resemble Seth Rogen's Dale Denton from Pineapple Express and Jorgen Von Strangle from The Fairly Oddparents. All in an extremely unique way that is always funny and amusing to listen to.
      • In fact, there are several viewers, especially older audiences, who can easily find Scoobo's voice to be incredibly amusing to listen to.
    8. While he can be aggressive, somewhat risk-taking, sadistic, and very rambunctious with some comical aspects of being extreme in a mischievous way like him loving to cause of cartoonish violence when it's called for. His heart is generally in the right place, which makes him likable.
    9. Much like Earl Devereaux from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, he has shown lots of loyalty and devotion towards his job position(s). Ranging from his 2016 counterpart working for The Animal Kingdom Mark 1 and 2, to being a reliable hero who is generally protecting The Animal Kingdom and preventing any kind of harm from happening, no matter extreme his methods of spreading peace are.
      • Speaking of Earl, Scoobo is very athletic, somewhat overprotective of the kingdom, and takes his job as a protective fighter very seriously, and with tons of pride. He enjoys performing over-the-top action poses whenever he likes to, even to a point of seeming very comical. He is also very proud of his masculinity and enjoys being as manly as possible.
    10. He has shown to be completely heroic and often fighting for the greater good, where he still shows to have the aforementioned athletic skills and other talents showing heroism before and after he gained special powers in the video "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!".
    11. Speaking of which, from 2018 to now, his superpowers ever since were always viewed as both: randomly idiosyncratic and awesome. Such examples range from:
      • Having the natural ability to spit shoes out of his mouth which functions like projectiles,
      • Eating one of his 'biscuits' in his bag of snacks he keeps (a red and white PowerBall specifically) that gives him lots of combative abilities and includes a bunch of unconventional outfits to compensate in episodes like "SSJ Plush Short: Mario's Idiotcy!" and "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo's Powerful Biscuits!" for example,
      • Being able to form fireballs through his mouth in seconds as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Action or Science!",
      • Using his endless, wind-inducing inhaling that can work like a vacuum he can use it to his advantage as shown in episodes like "SSJ Plush Short: Action or Science!", "SSJ Plush Short: Groovyness? Nor the Less!", and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!".
      • The ability to pause time on command for useful decisions as shown in the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Cadre & The Thundery!"
    12. On top of possessing a large level of omnipotence, he nearly resembles an anthro, doglike, more alert, over-the-top & humorous version of the shows' Son Goku from Dragon Ball (but less dim-witted).
      • Especially since Scoobo shares some pretty similar traits to him like being powerful warriors that are thrill-seeking and somewhat goofy, having a cheerful and energetic personality, having a love for friendship and fighting, possessing staggering power that is simultaneously reined in and enhanced by his fierce loyalty and high morality, having moments of being very blunt and not afraid to express his opinion in a discussion, as well as being able to adapt to any situation at hand due to having excellent mental capacity.
      • Both of them are happy-go-lucky people who are quite friendly to everyone and everything unless they're villains or antagonistic people, and they both kick into "Serious Mode" as they begin to single-mindedly fight whoever's responsible for any trouble or provoking from others (ex. "SSJ Plush Short: Mario's Idiotcy!")
      • Being insanely strong, and grows increasingly in might whenever he is seen training (ex. "SSJ Plush Adventure: Moroncy to Robust!"), fights even more dangerous foes (some that begin to fear him), and attains various powers along the way, before and after Scoobo got his powers from a green ball in "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!" or taking a bite out of his biscuits. Just recently, he was able to attain and make great use of the difficult-to-master biscuits everyone craved to take from him as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo's Powerful Biscuits!", making him the mightiest in his own universe.
      • Both of them always have an innate drive to fight strong opponents and are eager to test their own limits against an even bigger challenge that approaches them (ex. "SSJ Plush Adventure: Difference? What Difference?"). Even then, he is capable of putting it all aside to fight for a common cause. Despite this, he is very sportsman-like when it comes to fighting and never kills his opponent unless they do something that forces his hand.
      • They are both remarkably effective at applying themselves once properly motivated, able to quickly comprehend the situation and likewise learn the basics of anything presented to them, if not master it.
    13. He has gotten smarter and much more resourceful over the years. He went from being a heroic and skilled character while having his moments of being humorous, goofy, and over-the-top from time to time in both, The SuperSonicLogan Series Show and the SSJ Series for comedic purposes most of the time. To be a whole lot more of a character that has been taken a little more seriously within the comical situations/moments that ensue, especially from other characters like Mickey and Eggman. Prime examples of this include two videos "SSJ Plush Short: Maximum Coolness" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!".
      • Because of this, he has become more alert and responsible than before. An example of this is being quite protective of his biscuits so nobody uses them for malicious intent. So the ways Scoobo gets back at characters who were in the wrong (i.e Eggman, Sith Cynical as Mario, and Bowser for example) is often warranted to the point of being hilarious and satisfying to watch.
    14. He's provided many hilarious and fun quotes throughout that are always a joy to listen to, due to Scoobo constantly hamming up his lines; these include,
      • “It's Scoobo Pussies!! ... Me and Sonic are here to KICK YOUR ASS!!!!”
      • “Objective Mission, Complete: "Get Eggman scrambled and roasted, or roasted and scrambled!" WIITTH THHE POWEEERR OOFF, Scoobo!!
      • “Oooh yeah now I can fly now bitch!!
      • “Never touch my biscuits, bitch!!
      • “THIS! IS! SSCOOOBOOOE!!!”
      • “Scoobo the Sheriff, to the Rescue! 🎵Dah DeeDee Dah Dee Dah!🎵”
      • “Ooh, yyeah! Now that's ANOTHER point, AND complete! I am AWESOME!
      • “If you wanna, want me to play again, you know who to call again: SCOOBO!!
      • “Up, up, and supeeerr, Scoobo!!!”
      • “Ahhh oh, f**k! Uhhhgh oh, my, god. Dude, what THE, PHTF**K!?!
      • “Damn, geez man you don't have to be, a d**k!!”
      • SCOOBOOOOOE! Oh what, whawha is this? Oh what does this do?”
      • “Oh yeah, that's super obvious, Scoobo! Hold on, Scoooo, boe!!”
      • “Ssscoobo!!!! Yeah, yeah you weren't expecting this!”
      • Re Scoooboe!!! Scoobo's here!!”
      • “Scoobo loves his jobs, you got high yesterday!!”
      • “Scoobo Team, Awaaaay!!!!”
      • “It's the Scoobo Team, Dumbass!!”
      • “How does failure taste Eggy Weggy?”
      • “Good! Now you're getting the taste of death!!”
      • “Where can he be? (gasp) the closet is almost open! Hm, let me sure, lemme set my chainsaw to "Death Kill". It's over 9000!”
      • “Found you MOTHER F**KER!!
      • “Ooof, ow, my, friggin, ASS again!!”
      • “That's right fat belly.
      • “He's right there having problems with his mobile, failing to get up, like a fatass he is. Now go get 'em.”
      • “ (gasp) Scoobo call! (runs up his chair and charges at Eggman) SCOOBO STRIKE! Where's the ball!? (ball squeaking)”
      • “Shut the F**K up Eggman I'm trying to stretch my neck!”
      • “Oh. No. It doesn't consider a story of cheesecake, or whatever. It has to do with a story called: "Shut the F**k Up, Before The Deadly, Guitar Rapes Your ASS"”
      • “You know I admire your honesty, you can come over to my house and have, a festival full of soda.”
      • “This is too boring for me to hear.”
      • “WooHoo! Awesome day for Scoobo!!”
      • “Crossword your reason, why you did not get up, when I was doing: line inspection.”
      • “That burned my ass.”
      • “Flyyy myself to dooooooom!
      • “No, it's called "The Knuckleheaded Guts".”
      • “SCOOBALITY!”

    Bad Qualities

    1. The mere history of Scoobo, overall as a character, has been shown in a pretty vague and inconsistent way before the SSJ Era characterized him as the charismatic, cheery, and heroic Scoobo that we all know and love today.
      • He didn't have enough personality when he was first added to the channel since he started off as a very random, generic character with constant changes to his character before he was characterized with a heroic personality in the SSL Series Show, and before his humorous traits were much more shown in the SSJ Era.
        • From being the titular FNAF animatronic wannabe antagonist named "Scoop Dogmatronic" in the channel's 2015 parody trailer video "Five Nights At Scoops Maze Trailer", to a scrapped movie called "Sonic And Marios Night At The Treasure Island" where he was going to be depicted as an unnamed, irreverent nuisance that annoys and messes with Sonic just for his enjoyment, voiced by a little girl (all of this alone were some of the many reasons why Joseph himself wanted to never have it seen to the public eye online, making this a mild example of a "Creator Regret" moment), to later becoming a typically loyal "comic-relief" friend to Sonic and co as seen in a 2015 video "Sonic Juice! (Plush Juice)" up till the SSL Era gave him any personality.
      • The inconsistencies in his actions would be better seen in his history of jobs from temporarily working at some pizza place in the video "SSL Movie: Sonic Orders A Pizza", to working as a sheriff to Frog Goodman upon earning the rank as of "SSL Movie: The Sheriff!!", to be the protective deputy of Sonic that he is today. Considering that Scoobo was implied to have many things and traits about being in the military like being a soldier and high in power like a colonel does, it's never told if Scoobo is a colonel or soldier with ranks despite being a sheriff and the trivia section of his own page on the fandom confirming his entire backstory before meeting Sonic in the first place as of 2006.
      • There are times when Scoobo was being sidelined over other characters by sharing the spotlight (despite being a major character) and wasn't given enough screentime for his comedic/badass nature sometimes, which would make him seem like a side character in the early episodes of the SSJ Era at times; thankfully, this goes away from some time and becomes less of a problem.
    2. Despite being admirable and a hero, he can have moments where he'd say or do things that'd come off as somewhat provocative or his over-the-top, sadistic actions can sometimes be a little too much.
        • Being harsh/brash, or even violent towards the ever so, ineffectual Eggman, Mickey (when he isn't doing anything annoying yet), or Mario (when he was portrayed as some fumbling idiotic oddball before Sith Cynical was revealed to be intentionally manipulating the real Mario up till the video: "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!"; Scoobo at the very least, treats the real Super Mario with respect and sympathy upon finding this out and killing off Sith Cynical for good, meaning that Scoobo wasn't in the wrong for what he did to the fake "Mario").
        • While it was hilarious in its entirety, he blew up Eggman's fortress as a prank Sonic told him to do so in the video "SSL Movie: Sonic's Big Mistake!!", which warranted Eggman coming back to the Animal Kingdom Mach I, to attack him and his friends vengefully.
        • Albeit done for comedic purposes, in 2017-18, he often can swear a lot and sometimes use a lot of slurs in a comedic context.
    3. From 2016 to 2019, he had his moments of being kind of a joke character. Doing strange and random things that made some fans think of him as stupid or ridiculous (ex. relaxing on a calendar and calling it a bed or attempting to walk with giant sandals that were too expensive as seen in "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Spring!" or spouting out his name while not noticing Eggman's brainwashing scheme in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Confusion"), having his moments of his weaknesses being played with too much (e.g. the physical abuse that includes moments of physical comedy at points), and having his fair share of mistakes. This was improved in future videos as discussed in WHR#12.
      • Alongside Sonic, he can have some dialogue that can be considered outdated (if not cheesy) or just incoherent (much like many other characters) on occasion, like saying words that include "groovy" in the video "SSJ Plush Short: Maximum Coolness!" for example as an example of mild slang.



    • In his past interaction, he went through many changes from first being a generic friend to Sonic, to being an occupied yet heroic and thrill-seeking adventurer in his spare time.
    • Much like many plush characters in the 2017-present saga, he has a recurring theme song whenever he is on-screen, and his theme is the most original of them all (albeit them being borrowed soundtracks of percussion drumsets with military melodies and the song "Funky Kong" by DK64, all of which were meant to enforce military vibes to his character).
    • When he flies in an action-packed scene: the instrumental of "Let Me Clear My Throat" plays, where his behavior & action scenes with being heroic in a violent way. This seems like a coincidental homage to Hancock (2008); featuring a protagonist who also has superpowers, can fly, has a bit of an attitude, and has a comedic touch to his heroic and/or uncompromising behavior.
    • He was originally created to be the heroic, fearless, manly, hammy, and badass version of Scooby-Doo.
    • Scoobo is one of the many major characters that are easily considered fan favorites as shown here.
    • He has shown to have a mild case of Sadistic Personality Disorder, especially since he has no problem partaking in sadistic actions towards villains, those he's bothered by or playing by his own rules that'd involve Scoobo making sadistic decisions, as well as having a sadistic sense of humor. At the same time, he might have Sensory Personality Disorder because of how he has shown to sometimes have a little bit of a speech impediment for knowing what to say when thinking things through, but having the inability to put it into words on the spot, especially when he confirms to Sonic about what Scoobo did to defeat Robotnik.
    • Scoobo is sometimes seen shape-shifting his hands into human-looking tan hands for dramatic effect, especially when he punches Robotnik in the face in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Rock & Roll Jam!".


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