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    Schwoz Schwartz (Henry Danger, Danger Force)

    Schwoz Schwartz (Henry Danger, Danger Force)
    Schwoz (16).jpg
    We could be Captain Man & . . SCHWOZAM!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Super-Genius Assistant
    Age: 50 (Possibly)
    Portrayed by: Michael D. Cohen
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Henry Danger
    Danger Force

    Schwoz Schwartz is a main character (recurring in the first four Seasons) on Henry Danger. He is brilliant at building technology, but he often lacks common sense.

    Why He's Schwoz Schwartz

    1. Firstly, he's been shown to be a genius. He's so smart, he basically built the entire Man Cave.
    2. He has more funny moments than the other characters.
    3. He can be right at times and is always there to help.
    4. Unlike Henry and Ray, he doesn't enforce lying and mostly tells the truth.
    5. He is one of the only actual comic reliefs in the show.
    6. After he returned in Danger Force, he's gotten pretty much better. (or has the same amount of likability.)
    7. Even if it's weird, it's impressive he has so many disguises for a specific moment.
    8. His accent and hairstyle are extremely hilarious.
    9. He can use an American accent on command. But he can only do it for a certain time or else he'll faint.
    10. Michael D. Cohen does a great job portraying Schwoz.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He insults his sister, Winnie. (even if she does look like a horse.)
    2. He was still picked around by Ray and they both don't have a solid friendship in seasons 1-3.
    3. As mentioned above, the disguise thing is weird.
    4. Unfortunately, he’s been flanderized in The Adventures of Kid Danger as he turned into a huge unlikable jerk and acts just like Henry and Ray. But luckily, he did redeem himself after that series ended.


    • He stole Ray's girlfriend.
    • His counterpart in Opposite Universe is, in Henry's words, also a freak.
    • He is the first recurring character to appear in a motion comic.
    • Schwoz has his own version of guacamole and calls it "Schwozamole".
    • Schwoz is a careless driver.
    • Schwoz feels mocked when people copy his accent, as shown in Scream Machine and episodes after that.
    • He is right-handed.


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