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    "Long live the king."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Manipulative Usurper
    Species: Lion
    Portrayed by: Jeremy Irons (The Lion King and Once Upon a Studio)
    Jim Cummings (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and Simba's Mighty Adventure)
    James Horan (Kingdom Hearts II and Disney's Dreamlight Valley)
    David Oyelowo (The Lion Guard)
    Chiwetel Ejiofor (2019 film)
    Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Mufasa: The Lion King)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: The Lion King (1994)

    Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's The Lion King franchise.

    Why He Will Be King

    1. He is one of the best and most popular Disney villains of all time. He is up there with Maleficent, Jafar, and Hades.
    2. He is a cunning, sarcastic, and narcissistic lion with a cultured and elegant demeanor.
    3. He is very sophisticated, charismatic, and persuasive, as he was able to rally Shenzi, Banzai and Ed to his cause.
    4. His establishing character moment has him capturing a mouse and planning to devour it. While this alone isn't evil, as lions have to eat meat to live, the way he toys with the mouse shows his sadistic nature.
    5. He has a playful relationship with Simba, as while it is clear that Simba genuinely looks up to Scar and finds him eccentric, Scar pretends to be a caring uncle, but in reality, he wants Simba dead and manipulates him in order to have him murdered.
      • This makes the betrayal more shocking and heartbreaking for Simba, as he realizes that the uncle he once looked up to murdered his own father. When Scar begs for mercy, Simba has nothing but distrust for him, stating that everything Scar told him was a lie.
    6. His song, "Be Prepared", is extremely catchy and memorable for its pure expression of his character. It is listed as one of the best villains songs of all time.
    7. The way he plots his schemes is well done and successful, as he lures Simba into the gorge, then he sets off a wildebeest stampede with the help of his hyena minions, which threatens Simba's life, and was able to lure Mufasa into danger.
      • When Simba asks Scar if he'll like the surprise, Scar tells replies, "It's to die for.", which sets off a scary vibe that makes you know that something bad is about to happen
      • He knocks Zazu out to prevent him from getting help from the Pride Lands.
    8. One of the most shocking moments in Disney history is him killing Mufasa, as once he has Mufusa at his mercy, he claws into his paws, looks at him with a devious expression, delivers his famous line "Long live the king.", and throws Mufasa into the stampede.
      • He manipulates Simba into thinking it's his fault Mufasa died and tells him to run away and never return. Once he forces Simba into exile, he sends his hyena clan to chase and kill him.
    9. He is one of few Disney villains to actually succeed with his plans, as he manages to kill Mufasa, drives Simba into exile, and becomes king.
      • He also stands out from other typical Disney villains, as he gets what he wants early on in the film and raises the stakes higher than they should be, as the second half of the film illustrates the outcomes of a power-hungry dictator after he gets what he wants.
      • The fact that he succeeds is a pretty awesome achievement on his part and grants him the status of one of the most successful Disney villains.
    10. His voice performance by Jeremy Irons is awesome and near perfect, as it fits with his evil and sinister nature.
      • Jim Cummings (his sing voice for the last few minutes of "Be Prepared" and his voice in Simba's Mighty Adventure and the second film), James Horan (his voice in Kingdom Hearts II and Disney's Dreamlight Valley), and David Oyelowo (his voice in The Lion Guard) also do a good job voicing him.
    11. His design is really cool, as it makes him stand out from all of the other lions.
    12. His climactic fight with Simba is perfect, as it is a slow-motion duel, complete with a majestic version of the music that played when Mufasa showed Simba the kingdom earlier in the film, fully living up to the entire film building up to it.
    13. His death is so satisfying, as he gets eaten alive by his hyena minions after they overhear his betrayal.
    14. He makes a posthumous appearance in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, in Simba's nightmare and in Kovu's reflection.
    15. He makes a return as a spirit in the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard, and he thankfully remains just as intimidating as he was in the first film.
    16. He also appears in Kingdom Hearts II, where his role is the same as his role in the original film, but with few minor differences, and you actually get to fight him as a boss.
      • Speaking of which, his boss fight is cool and really fun despite being easy, as he becomes a Heartless but keeps his regular form. He's very fast and has dangerous attacks, like Fire and Thunder magic.
      • Also, since he murdered Mufasa, lied to Simba and forced him into exile, and laid the Pride Lands into ruins, being able to fight Scar for all of his crimes is a huge catharsis for fans of the original film after waiting for eleven years.
      • He also comes back as a ghost during the second visit in which he psychologically torments Simba in the form of ghostly images of himself, after which he combines them into his new Heartless form, the Groundshaker.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Unfortunately, he becomes less enjoyable after becoming king, as he goes from being a charismatic, manipulative scheme, to a far less intelligent, spoiled brat of a tyrant. He hardly tries to be fearsome, his laziness and self-indulgence alienates any potential followers, and he willingly lets the land go to waste not caring if his subjects suffer.
      • Whenever someone mentions Mufasa, he throws a tantrum due to him making the law of forbidding anyone to mention Mufasa and claiming that he is the king. This is an extremely childish thing for someone his age to do, and it shows how immature he really is underneath his charming facade.
      • He is unwilling to take responsibility for his own mistakes, as he is willing to do whatever it takes to save himself from death, and this is what unironically makes his death extremely satisfying.
      • When Sarabi rightfully criticizes how his reign and selfishness will bring about the pride's extinction and that he's nothing like Mufasa, it sets him off, and he hits her, saying, "I'm ten times the king Mufasa was!".
      • After having forced Simba into admitting responsibility for his father's death, Scar has him trapped at the edge of Pride Rock and precariously, but instead of simply throwing him to his death in the fire below, he reveals that he was the one who killed Mufasa, which is what ultimately leads to his downfall. Had it not been for this idiot move of his, he could have succeeded in killing Simba and securing his places as king.
    2. He was poorly flanderized in the 2019 remake, as he was stripped of his sarcastic and sly attitude he had in the original film, and thus he was now miserable and gloomy, as well as blatantly bitter and dismissive towards everyone around him, even losing his playful relationship with Simba.


    • Throughout the film, Scar rarely retracts his claws. This is purposely done to differentiate him from the other lions, as he is the antagonist.
    • Scar's death is considered by many people as one of Disney's most violent and gruesome deaths; he is mauled alive by the hyena clan, even though just their shadows were seen. His death is even considered to be more violent in the 2019 remake, as he attempts to fight off the hyenas and lets out a terrifying scream upon being mauled on.
    • Scar makes a nod to an earlier film starring Jeremy Irons. When Simba remarks that Scar is weird, Scar replies "You have no idea.". The character played by Irons in the film Reversal of Fortune makes exactly the same response to that statement.
    • Scar serves as a foil to Simba. His childish and immature behavior in the second half of the film parallels the view Simba's had during his childhood by the given knowledge of leadership; he doesn't even learn the responsibilities of that, becoming abusive and irresponsible and effectively dooming the Pride Lands, and despite his own miserable attitude, he remains stubborn and blinded by his own desire of running the kingdom that he's wanted his whole life.




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