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    Sasha Waybright
    "Being in charge means making tough calls, and sometimes you have to stop and remember to have faith in the people around you."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Redeemed Bad Girl
    Age: 13
    23 (epilogue)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Anna Akana
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Amphibia

    "I am not that person anymore!"

    Sasha to Darcy in "All In"

    Sasha Elizabeth Waybright is a major character of Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old human girl of German/Slavic heritage and is the childhood best friend of Anne and Marcy. She formerly attended Saint James Middle School until getting transported to Amphibia, along with her two friends. She was the first Lieutenant in the Toad Army and remained Captain Grime's second-in-command during his plan to raid Newtopia. She represented the red gem of Strength on the Calamity Box.

    After the coup of Newtopia fails and Anne and Marcy were presumably lost, Sasha retreated to Wartwood Swamp for safety shortly following the wake of the Newtopian empire. When she realizes the error of her ways, she decides to redeem herself by protecting Wartwood and leading its citizens to fight against King Andrias. When Anne returned to Amphibia in its darkest hour, she and Anne became co-leaders of the Wartwood Resistance.

    Despite their efforts to halt Andrias's army, the Core ultimately launches the invasion of Earth. However, Sasha manages to defeat the Core and free Marcy from its control, thus ending the invasion. After realizing Amphibia's moon—controlled by the Core—is falling, Sasha, Anne, and Marcy are imbued with the powers of the Calamity Gems to defeat the Core once and for all. When Anne received remnant gem shards to open one last portal to Earth, Sasha says a tearful final goodbye to Grime before returning home to LA alongside Anne and Marcy.

    10 years later, as an adult, Sasha has become a peer counselor for children, though she still has her tough and determined spirit. Later, she reunites with Marcy, and they meet up with Anne to celebrate Anne's 23rd birthday together


    Sasha is characterized by her charming attitude and rule-breaker tendencies, as she eagerly encouraged Anne to steal the music box back on Earth. She is shown to be a charismatic and manipulative girl. She is able to form connections easily as shown in the episode "Prison Break", where she was able to maintain good relations with most of the soldiers who had captured her and later Captain Grime as well. In "Reunion", it's shown that Sasha has a great amount of control and influence over the school body, as when she enters the scene, a side character named Vince is shown playing a guitar solo for her, and she is easily able to get Maggie to give Anne back her khao niew bing in the flashback starting "Reunion".

    She is also very persuasive. Sasha was able to persuade Grime into letting her free if she helped protect his fort against the herons, as well as advising him to be more caring and kind to his soldiers to gain their respect. This influence can also be matched with her manipulative behavior, as she was able to pressure Anne to steal the Calamity Box against her will.

    While she might seem selfish acting in such ways, she is also presented to be caring towards her friends Anne and Marcy. At the end of the episode "Prison Break", Sasha is seen holding a picture of her friends and her, saying to herself that she would find them and take them back home. Her caring attitude can also be attributed to her persuading Grime to be more affectionate for his soldiers, even if it was used for manipulation. During "The Third Temple", Sasha's fierce sense of protection that she has over her friends is prominent - as she is willing to help Marcy maneuver out of the way when a boulder is heading towards her. In the same episode, it is revealed that Sasha originally met the girls on a playground back in kindergarten when she saw the two being bullied by two teenagers. Sasha proceeds to engage in a quarrel with the teenagers, even in spite of the fact that she injured herself. This shows her sense of protection she has around the girls. However, during the episode "Reunion", Sasha demonstrates a controlling and domineering personality as she not only convinced Anne to skip class back home, but she also forced her to ditch her 13th birthday party. Not only that, but she is capable of striking fear into her friends, especially if they undermine her authority. However, during the same episode, Sasha has a change of heart when she realizes how cruel she was to Anne, even going so far as to sacrifice her own life to save her friend when Toad Tower collapsed.

    Why She's a Heartstomper

    1. She is another example on how to do a redemption properly.
    2. She is very loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect them. As seen in the season one finale "Reunion", when she saw Maggie try to take Anne's lunch, she got her to back off by threatening to uninvite her from her party.
    3. She is also determined and brave. Whenever a challenge comes her way, she stops at nothing to complete it, to quote her younger self "I'm not done yet. I'll never give up! No matter what!"
      • Season 3 shows the absolute best of this. Not only did she help fight against the frobots with Grime and the residents of Wartwood, but also became the leader of the resistance not because of her control freak tendencies, but because she was the only one who can help them take back Amphibia.
    4. 🎶 I'm a heart stomper, Stompin' on hearts. If you want to get away, you're gonna need a head start! 🎶
    5. Character Development: She massived hard throughout the series. At first, she started out from a toxic friend to Anne and Marcy. But then, after Anne stood up to her, she used her redemption as an act to get back at her. However in Season 3, she finally realizes how badly she screwed up with Anne and what her control freak tendencies have cost her after reading Anne's journal at the Plantar house in "Turning Point", and when she appears in season 3B she's shown to be genuinely working on getting past her issues. In "All In", when Darcy mocks her for her past actions, she shouts out how she's not the person who she was anymore as she cuts Darcy's power cord.
    6. Diverse representation: She's half German, half Slavic.
    7. She has perfect chemistry with (the former Captain) Grime, who eventually warmed up to her as the series progresses.
    8. As part of her character development, she shows she made mistakes, but part of that and the fact that she made up to her friends about the way she treated them is what makes her really relatable.
    9. Anna Akana did a really great job voicing her.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. She can be seen as unlikable due to her being a toxic friend due to her being a bad influence on Anne and Marcy by making them do stuff that are bad.



    • Sasha is the only girl in the Calamity Trio:
      • Whose name is not used in the title of her debut episode.
      • Whose surname is not revealed in her debut episode.
      • Whose eyes do not glow her gem color in her debut episode.
        • They instead glow her gem color in "Barrel's Warhammer".
      • Whose home on Earth wasn't shown onscreen.
      • Whose sexuality was revealed and confirmed.
    • In an interview with the website Medium, Matt Braly said that Sasha's parents never appeared on the show because the team was approaching max capacity when it came to characters and story elements to pay off, and unlike Anne with her parents, Sasha didn't really need them for her story and arc to be satisfactory.
    • It is confirmed in Marcy's Journal: A Guide to Amphibia that Sasha's parents divorced when she was around four- or five-years-old.
      • Her father remarried and her mother is currently dating a man with kids of his own.
      • Nevertheless, they reunited to celebrate their daughter's return to Earth.
    • Sasha, Anne, and Marcy are the only humans to visit Amphibia.
      • However, they are not the only humans to see Amphibia, as Mr. Boonchuy, Mrs. Boonchuy, Terri, Dr. Jan, Ally, Jess, Molly Jo, Humphrey Westwood, two elderly Thai women, Mr. X, Jenny and unnamed FBI agents witness the dimension through Terri's portal in "Escape to Amphibia".
    • Sasha is of German/Slavic heritage.
      • Despite this, her voice actor is of Filipino and Japanese descent.
    • Matt Braly confirmed in Twitter that Sasha is bisexual. He confirmed later that she realized not long after the events of the series.
      • This was implied in "The Hardest Thing", when a heart-shaped symbol with the colors of the bisexual flag can be seen on the rearview mirror of Sasha's car.
        • Although the writing decision was made fairly early, the decision to confirm it in "The Hardest Thing" was made quite late.
          • Her voice actress, Anna Akana, is also bisexual.
    • In "Toadcatcher", Sasha reveals that back home she's the captain of the cheerleaders in her school and top scorer in Super Dance Fusion.
      • Curiously, in "Reunion", Sasha is seen playing the game with Anne when Anne yells "top score" before Sasha kicks the machine for tokens.
    • Her voice actor, Anna Akana has also voiced several cartoon characters such as Gloria Sato from Big City Greens and Daisy from Magical Girl Friendship Squad.



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