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    Sapphire (Steven Universe)

    Sapphire (Steven Universe)
    "I can see the path of fate as it stretches towards the horizon."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Cartoon Character
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Gem
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Steven Universe

    Sapphire is a member of the Crystal Gems who made her official debut in "Jail Break". Previously a member of Blue Diamond's court, Sapphire's mission was to inform her Diamond about the Rebels' attack using her Future Vision. After she accidentally fuses with one of her guards, Ruby, Sapphire flees the scene with her to prevent her from being shattered. She later joins the Crystal Gems. She is currently fused with Ruby as Garnet.

    Qualities That Predicted That We Found Her Likable

    1. Sapphire is an incredibly, solid character; personality and design-wise. She has interesting abilities such as  cryokinesis, levitation, enhanced speed, and future vision.
    2. Sapphire is very compassionate, level-headed and patient. She balances out Ruby's much more impulsive personality when they are fused as Garnet. She is quick thinking; able to come up with quick solutions, as she came to the conclusion of Steven's immunity to the energy field almost immediately. This trait is also shown in "Gem Heist" when Sapphire is able to come up with a plan on the spot to enter Pink Diamond's Zoo undetected.
    3. Because of her precognitive abilities, she comes off as cold and distant, due to having experienced the resolution of an event prior to it happening. This is shown in "Keystone Motel", where in which she feels the best option is to face problems by acting as though they have already been resolved. Because of this, she has trouble expressing her emotions in the present. 
    4. She contrasts heavily with her partner Ruby, who has a difficult time concealing her emotions. Sapphire's blasé attitude to the present can make her appear somewhat passive-aggressive, but between Ruby and herself, she is also shown to be more outgoing, willing to start a conversation with one of her Ruby escorts about her thoughts on the Earth (shown in "The Answer").
    5. In "Hit the Diamond", she is shown to have a more violent side to her. When the leader of the Homeworld Rubies threw a flaming fast ball, she managed to hit a homerun by encasing the bat in ice, all the while screaming with determination. In the same episode, she's shown to be rather flirty with Ruby, to the point of detriment to her team.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite being a gem (and later a Crystal Gem), she does not have a weapon, which won't do her much favors in battle. Though, she makes this up with her multiple abilities.
    2. In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", when she realizes that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, Sapphire lashes out on Ruby for never knowing what's going on, under the belief that everything they've done is based on a lie.
    3. In “Keystone Motel”, she is horribly out of character, arguing with Ruby, being a jerk, and freezing their hotel room and the toilet, and she doesn’t even care. Like Ruby, she gets redeemed at the end of the episode.


    • Sapphire is the traditional birthstone of September and is the zodiacal sign of Virgo and Libra.
    • Out of all the Crystal Gems, Sapphire has personally engaged in combat the least. This may be because sapphires are made to be fancy, rich diplomatic court members.
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