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    Not to be confused with Sam Manson (another Nickelodeon character) of the same name from Danny Phantom.
    Sam Puckett
    "My name is Samantha Puckett, I'm from Seattle and I love fried chicken."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Strong, loyal friend
    Age: 13 (season 1)
    14 (season 2)
    15 (season 3)
    16 (season 4)
    17 (season 5)
    18 (season 6)
    27 (reboot)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jennette McCurdy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: iCarly
    First appearance: iPilot
    Last appearance: iGoodbye

    "People call me "smooth and refreshing"." -One of Sam's sayings during iCarly.

    Samantha "Sam" Puckett (simply called Sam) is a main character of the 2007-2012 Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, the main protagonist (alongside Cat Valentine) in the 2013-2014 Sam & Cat, a mentioned character in the 2021-2023 iCarly reboot and the co-host of the web show. She is the best friend of Carly Shay, and also the friend of Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, and Freddie Benson. She is known for being a mean-spirited person, but deep down, she has a caring heart for anyone she cares about, especially her friends.

    She was portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.

    iWhy She Rocked

    1. Similar to Carly, she is very humorous, which is proven when she stars in Carly’s fictional web show. She's with Carly when it comes to loud and creative humor.
    2. She is a jerk, but she has a heart of gold.
      • There are actually good reasons why she’s a jerk, like with the exception of Melanie, her family wasn’t the best towards her, like how her mother didn’t take care of her that good, and how her father abandoned her and the family when she was young. She has a pretty rough life, so it’s understandable why she can be mean at times.
    3. She does get her comeuppance for really bad things she's done, especially if she breaks the law.
    4. She does often make up for her mistakes, like when she told Principal Franklin that she changed her, Carly and Freddie’s grades.
    5. She has a decent singing ability.
    6. She cares about her friends, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, and especially Carly, and often does the right thing whenever they are in trouble.
    7. She has a good friendship with Carly, and is always there for her on many occasions, especially when they make up at the end of "iQuit".
    8. She has a soft side, as she's is nice to her friends, and she is shown to cry before, and comforted by her friends during rough times. Even tough girls can cry sometimes.
    9. Sam does patch things up with her family, like how she gets used to being around Melanie, her twin sister, and when she and her mom made up in "iSam’s Mom" after working things out with their struggles and agreeing to get along more and help each other out. She and her friends even help get her mom out of jail by getting bail money for her in "iLost My Head in Vegas", showing how much Sam does love her mom.
    10. She is greatly portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.
    11. She's sadly not in the revival but her absence was explained: she joined a biker gang named "The Obliterators". Also, Jennette McCurdy (Sam’s actress) quit acting due to the embarrassment of her previous roles (most particularly playing Sam’s flanderized self in Sam & Cat, see link to that in Bad Qualities), her mother forcing her to do a carrer in acting.
      • Speaking of the revival, she at least gets several shoutouts in the series, which is nice.
    12. She is very cute and attractive, especially the outfits she wears.

    iBad Qualities

    1. She can be extremely unlikable sometimes, as constantly tortures Freddie throughout the show, mostly in the earlier seasons.
      • Luckily, their friendship has improved later on and is decent now.
      • She is extremely awful in "iMeet Fred", where she beats Freddie with a tennis racket until it breaks, forcing him to tell Fred that his videos are hilarious, then if that wasn't bad enough, she throws Freddie from the treehouse and uses him to cushon her own fall. All of this is horribly mean-spirited and is made even worse by how Fred just allows all of this to happen, making him even more unlikeable than he usually is as well.
    2. While her friendship with Freddie has improved and is decent, her romantic relationship with him failed.
    3. She can also be gluttonous and extremely lazy, and she's a very big eater, and while it can be funny, it can also be boring and uninteresting at times.
    4. Since she eats a lot throughout the show, this caused Jennette McCurdy, the person who played Sam, to have an eating disorder in real life, and Jennette even admitted that she had an eating disorder because of this as well.
    5. After this show, Sam has underwent personality changes which caused her to be flanderized in Sam & Cat.
    6. She doesn't appear in the revival due to Jennette McCurdy deciding to not return and while we do know why Sam is absent in the revival, it's unknown if she left L.A. or not, and whether she stayed with Cat Valentine or left her and is still friends with her (due to the events of Sam & Cat).


    • As of now, she and Gibby are the only main characters that are not confirmed to appear in the revival.
    • Sam has 458 unique outfits throughout the TV show, 76% of them are with accessories of some kind (necklaces, bracelets, hairbands, rings, etc).
    • Jennette McCurdy has immense dislike for her character, Sam.


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