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    Sam & Max
    Sam & Max.png
    (Gets ready to bash into a criminal's hideout using Max)
    Sam: Remember kids, don't try this at home.
    Max: We're licensed cartoons!
    Gender: Males
    Type: Eccentric and Hilarious Detectives
    Species: Dog (Sam)
    Rabbit (Max)
    Portrayed by: Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson (Hit the Road)
    Harvey Atkin and William Kasten (TellTale)
    Harvey Atkin and Robert Tinkler (TV Series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sam & Max: Freelance Police

    Sam & Max are the titular protagonists of the popular media franchise Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

    They are a duo of vigilante detectives who try their best to solve crimes in their own ways, although they aren't always the best.

    Why They Rock

    1. Their archetypes, with one being a goofy yet sarcastic and responsible man and the other being an overall insane individual who both want to solve crimes, but end up causing more trouble on the way is pretty creative and entertaining.
    2. Their designs are memorable, with Sam being an anthropomorphic dog in a noir-style suit and Max being an anthropomorphic bunny with a crazy grin.
    3. They are very funny characters and provide for great gags and jokes, such as fighting over the phone.
      • Sam: Hey, Max, wanna see how I won all those surfing trophies back in school? Max: No, I don't wanna see you cry to the P.E. teacher then beg for me to club your competitors in the knees, why?
      • Sam: You're just in time, they brought us our food and took Max. Bye, little buddy! Max: Bye!
      • Sam: Maybe you shouldn't set your sights so high. Try hitting it off with a member of the Rodent Family first. Max: A solid relationship with a groundhog to be very rewarding.
      • Sam: The simple act of swallowing a fly could alter Humanity's timeline. Max: (Immediately kills a fly)
    4. Their voice actors do a pretty good job voicing them, as well as allowing for Sam's calm and friendly voice and Max's exaggerated and goofy tone.
    5. Sam and Max have a pretty good relationship with one another, which typically goes from sarcastic sass to legit support.
    6. They have a pretty good friendship with those around them, even when they are going crazy.
    7. No matter how goofy or incompetent they are, They still manage to solve the case in the end.
    8. They are known for their self-awareness, including parodies and real-world references, which provides for some pretty funny and witty dialogue.

    Bad Qualities

    1. They are rarely punished for their destruction.
    2. Their jokes can feel juvenile at times.


    • Sam & Max were characters created by Steve Purcell in his youth.
    • It is commonly believed by fans that Sam and Max are husbands.


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