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    Sam-I-Am (Green Eggs and Ham, Netflix)

    "I am Sam, Sam-I-Am, of the Glurfsburg I-Ams. Perhaps you've heard of us."

    "Sam-I-Am" is the protagonist, later true secondary antagonist, then deuteragonist of the 2019 Netflix original series, Green Eggs and Ham.

    Why He Is Likeable From Here, There, Or Anywhere

    1. Like Guy-Am-I, he is faithful to his book counterpart.
    2. Despite acting like a Gary Stu at times, he has some emotional moments, just enough to root for him with his endeavor.
    3. He had a great plot twist that was unpredictable to us and the characters at the same time: He was actually a con-man who was working for Snerz and not the BADGUYS (In fact, they turned out to be false antagonists, due to their misleading name that stands for: Bureau of Animal Defense Glurfsburg Upper Yipsville Section). And when he pretended to be a wildlife rescuer, he left a few hints that he's lying
      • First, when he made Mr. Jenkins jump in the air to fly, he was unaware that Chickeraffes are flightless.
      • Second, when he mistakenly believe goats cannot climb.
    4. With that said, he was smart enough to put a facade of pretending to be an oblivious fool in order to keep Mr. Jenkins safe and his title.
    5. He has a tragic backstory about his mom leaving him to an orphanage.
    6. Despite every endeavor and conflict Sam went through, he has a good spirit in his personality.
    7. He's also very good-natured and has a positive attitude towards anyone he speaks to.
    8. His design is good, since he looks exactly like his book counterpart along with Guy-Am-I.
    9. Adam DeVine had terrible voice acting, but he was great voicing this character.
    10. He has more character development than his original counterpart.
    11. He has a strong relationship with Guy-Am-I and gets along pretty well with being the optimistic and cheery one to Guy's pessimistic attitude.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Sam's facade with his behavior and his antics can come off as extremely strange or far-fetched.


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