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    Sam, Clover, and Alex (Totally Spies)

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    Alex, Sam and Clover
    "Here We Go!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Helpful and admirable spy girls
    Age: 14-16
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Jennifer Hale (Sam,seasons 1-6)

    Andrea Baker (Clover, seasons 1-6)
    Katie Leigh (Alex,seasons 1 & 2)
    Katie Griffin (Alex,seasons 3-6)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Totally Spies

    Samantha "Sam" Simpson, Clover Ewing, and Alexandria "Alex" Vasquez are the three main protagonists from the Flash animated French-Canadian TV series Totally Spies. All three of them attended Beverly Hills High School, later taking Mali U University together. They act as the spies for the World Organization Of Human Protection, formerly led by their previous boss; Jerry Lewis, to later retire and have one of his daughters; Zerlina Lewis, to take over as of the seventh season.

    Why They're Totally Awesome


    1. Their designs look very impressive to look as if they look like real spy girls.
    2. Their names look impressive and original just like the names of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls.
    3. Their abilities to attack their enemies look impressive to see for some reason.
    4. Sometimes, they can be very relaxing at a very various start.
    5. The clothes they wear in their free times look admirable to see.
    6. Their voices sound impressive to see as if they look admirable.
    7. "Here We Go!"
    8. Together, the three trio are one of the most memorable characters of Totally Spies, if not the most memorable characters in Totally Spies.


    1. She comes up with smart strategies to get her friends out of a pickle, whether they are captured by the villains due to one of their smart plans, or/and they get stuck of a situation that she, her friends or all of them cause at once.


    1. While she can be seen as a typical teenage girl, considering how she interested in fashion and tends to fawn over boys, she does care about her friends and the missions she participates in.


    1. Her voice, provided by Katie Leigh and Griffin is pretty cute.

    Bad Qualities


    1. Their constant fawn over boys (while true to the nature of some teenage girls), tends to be pretty clichéd, as the trio doesn't seem to have the consistency of liking them most of the time.
      • It also doesn't help by the fact that they barely have an arc with any of the males they have liked to interact with over the series, especially with some of the recurring ones like David.
      • Granted, Sam had a decent arc with her relationship towards Tim Scam; a former employee of WOOHP in a few episodes.
    2. Sometimes, their super powers get repetitive at times.


    1. With the notable exception of Tim Scam, she does fawn over boys that she just forgets and/or judges after a couple of interactions throughout the series.


    1. She does have habit to fawn over males the most out of the three, which tends to make her separated from her friends in order to achieve this desire.
      • This also becomes the main catalyst for her rivalry with Mandy Luxe, which can get her into trouble if she isn't careful around her.
    2. Although it's rare to see nowadays, she does jump to some conclusions in order to "help out" in a couple the missions she has with her mates.
      • In "A Spy is Born", she instantly thinks that a "spy" was about to hurt one of the celebrities; Bruce William, so she attacks him, all because she thought that "spy" was gonna hurt him with his camera, only to find out that it was a photographer; who was taking pictures of him with his consent. While Sam did think that he was one of the culprits at first, Clover should've at least asked her if it really was one or requested a thorough plan, just in case it was a innocent civilian.


    1. She didn't have a clear personality in the early seasons, thus making her an add-on when compared to her friends, thankfully; she did grow into a childish but still mature persona like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.
    2. While Katie Griffin did a good job on voicing her, she tends to occasionally squeal when she is overly emotional, especially when she's excited.



    • Their designs were inspired by those of The Powerpuff Girls, except older.


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