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    Ryo Ogami (Kamen Rider Saber)

    One: evil bastards... Two: shall feel the earth's rage... Three: It's already decided, so there's no point in arguing

    Ryo Ogami (尾上 亮 Ogami Ryō) is a 36-year-old former member of the Sword of Logos who transforms into Kamen Rider Buster (仮面ライダーバスター Kamen Raidā Basutā). Formerly affiliated with the Northern Base, he was briefly transferred to the Southern Base before joining Touma's team for good.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He was initially introduced as a prideful swordsman, who treats Touma as nothing but a rookie and novelist, and ignores Rintaro to keep his son away from the battlefield, However Ryo opened up showing a more friendly and caring side towards both of them, and who fought Touma in order to unleash his full power as a swordsman, and he was the one who also trained Rintaro in his early swordsman days.
    2. He is a very respectful person, as seen with his fellow swordsman from 15 years ago, and also highly admired, Ryo would even avenge them in the latter of showing how important they were at the time while they were still living.
    3. He treats Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada like his own son, advising Kento to set aside his journey of finding out why his father betrayed the guild, and when Kento said to trust Touma a bit since he could make his promise into reality, in return Ryo gave Kento two wonder ride books in order to give to Touma, and when Kento returned as Calibur, Ryo wanted to stop him as his method of saving the world is also a riskful way and is somewhat harming the lives his fellow swordsman, or worse his own life just for a better future.
    4. He cares deeply about his son Sora, and if anything happens to him, he would do anything even risk his own life for the safety of his own son.
    5. Ryo could also be described as a man of words, as seen a couple of times, He wanted to ask Questions to Daichi and why did he betray the guild and Reika Shindai as what was really the master's true motive and why did she Kidnap Sophia, was it for the guild's sake?.
    6. He is very aware of his surroundings and cares about the safety of civilians before making a move, and protects his fellow swordsman if they are at a disadvantage.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. His Suit design looks a little bit weird just because of how bulky it looks and the head design looks awful.
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