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    "May the stars shine down on you..."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mild-mannered Cosmic Sorceress
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Mercedes Rose (2007–2010)
    Kerri Kane (2011–2018)
    Laura Faye Smith (2013–present)
    TBA (The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Super Mario

    Rosalina is a character that appears in the Super Mario franchise, debuting in Super Mario Galaxy. She is a powerful figure that lives in the galaxy and protects the cosmos while commanding the Comet Observatory. Rosalina's backstory is chronicled in her storybook told by her in the Comet Observatory's Library in Super Mario Galaxy. Nine chapters are unlocked throughout the game, and the last is unlocked by completing the game.

    Rosalina's story begins when she meets a young Luma in a rusted spaceship, where they rebuild the spaceship to go search for the Luma's mother. They traverse through space, encountering comets, asteroids, and Star Bits. Rosalina then starts to miss her mother, but the two begin to build a new home that would eventually become the Comet Observatory. As she and the Luma build the home, Rosalina takes more Lumas under her wing eventually becoming a mother-like figure to the Lumas.

    Why She's The Traveler of the Stars

    1. Being a powerful yet reserved figure, Rosalina is a wise, kind, calm, and mature character which makes her a motherly figure that fits well with her appearance. She is shown to be good friends with many people like Mario and Princess Peach as a result.
    2. She has an intimate knowledge of the universe like when she talks about the cycle of life after the Lumas sacrificed themselves from stopping a giant black hole.
    3. Adding a topic about her kindness, she cares deeply for her friends and the Lumas so much that she is a good caregiver feels like a good mother.
    4. Ever since Mario Kart Wii, she has shown her upbeat and joyous side despite being mostly stoic. Even some mature characters can have a fun side. It's worth noting that she was optimistic and proactive when she was young.
      • Similar enough, she actually has a less mature but hilarious side as shown in Super Mario-Kun.
    5. Like most of the cast in the Mario universe, she enjoys special activities, yet she would rather take her enjoyment in a very humble manner.
    6. Her backstory is rather sad yet also beautiful because she was a good figure to the Lumas, but she learned that her mom died which caused her to feel very homesick and sad. How would that make you feel if you were in a similar situation?
    7. After learning that Rosalina's mother died, she made a promise that the Lumas will be her family and will visit her home planet once every one hundred years.
    8. For someone who is actually human, she has a wide array of abilities that are very unique and special like being able to restore the Comet Observatory, use telepathy, or float. So she's not what you think because you can't always judge a book by its cover. In fact, she can even fight in a game of Super Smash Bros.
    9. Similar to princesses such as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, she is really gorgeous looking.
    10. In volume 38 of Super Mario-Kun, she is shown to be a good motivator as proven in a scene where Mario loses his motivation after a fight with Bowser which led her to send a hologram of a Giant Goomba for Mario (Mario then use the Star Spin move to make it disappear) after Luma tries to get him back.
    11. Her voice actresses (Mercedes Rose and Kerri Kane) do great jobs voicing her.
    12. In Mario Kart Tour, most of her alternate costumes are extremely great and iconic and fits exactly with her personality, specially her Aurora costume and her Swimwear dress.
    13. While she doesn't appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the starting planet for the Gateway Galaxy appears on a book named Galaxy, the Lumalee appearing, and a rendition of Gusty Garden Galaxy playing in the end credits in "Level Complete".

    Bad Qualities

    1. She is shown to have a depressed inner sorrow most likely due to the loss of her mother, but that is normal.
    2. She also does tend to reveal emotions at a slow pace.


    • She was set to appear in Super Mario Odyssey as a street musician and there's even concept art for it.
    • This concept art for Super Mario Galaxy made her very different than what she is today.
    • Rosalina is usually depicted as right-handed in artwork, but left-handed in-game, with a few exceptions: in Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Sports Superstars, the player can choose if Rosalina is left- or right-handed, and Rosalina holds her wand with her right hand during cutscenes in Super Mario Galaxy. However, in the Mario Party series, Rosalina has been depicted as left-handed in artwork, but right-handed when she participates in an activity or minigame. In Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Rosalina is depicted as right-handed in both her artwork and in-game, while she is depicted as left-handed on the box art for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.
    • She is one of the few characters in the series who has a different name in eight languages: Rosetta (ロゼッタ) in Japanese, Harmonie in French, Estela in Spanish, Rosalinda in Italian, Rozalina (Розалина) in Russian, Rojelina (로젤리나) in Korean, and Lujojieta (罗莎塔) in Chinese. The Canadian French and Mexican Spanish versions keep "Rosalina".
    • Yoshiaki Koizumi, the writer of Rosalina's story, wrote the script late at night when no one was around so no one would know what was in it. The next day, he told Shigeru Miyamoto about the story and presented it to him. Miyamoto was surprised that Yoshiaki wrote the script late at night with nobody around. Yoshiaki Koizumi, in Nintendo Power, mentions that he would enjoy seeing Rosalina's Storybook get published as a children's book.
    • There were rumors she would appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a post-credit scene for the sequel setting up a Super Mario Galaxy movie, as this became more apparent with the McDonald's leaks, the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme, and the Lumalee making an appearance in the final trailer, which were eventually confirmed false.


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