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    Roger Rabbit
    Gender: Male
    Type: Comic-Relief Toon
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Charles Fleischer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Roger Rabbit is the titular deuteragonist of Disney/Amblin’s 1988 Oscar-winning hybrid family comedy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the true main protagonist of his entire universe, and a cameo character in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. He was also the official mascot of the broadcast television network, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC-TV) in the late-1980s, which would later become a subsidiary of Disney in 1996.

    He is an anthropomorphic rabbit of the film— a frantic, over-anxious type who often stutters (even while screaming). He is also based on the popular cartoon characters who were well known during the Golden Age of Animation.

    Why He Didn't Get Framed

    1. He gets along very well with other Toons.
    2. Like a good cartoon character, he's great at getting a laugh out of the public. As well as being capable of surviving from just about any mishap and destructive misadventure like any fictional cartoon character should.
    3. Great quotes like: “P-p-please!”, “What a genius!”, and “Jumpin’ Jeepers!”
    4. Despite his goofiness and being a klutz, he is aware of what most people think of cartoons.
    5. He was the one who drove the plot and was far more iconic than Eddie.
    6. He is a caring rabbit because he makes sure baby Herman is okay, acting a father figure, even though he screws up sometimes.
      • Speaking of which, like Donald Duck and many more: he serves as a constant reminder for all of us to be brave, keep searching, hold family close, and never give up no matter how great the odds are against you; in which shows when trying to do his best in shorts where he was quite unlucky within the slapstick he endures along with his clownish and cartoonish hijinks, even when he screws up at something, he still finds a way to get out of it.
    7. He stands up to Judge Doom and the Toon Patrol with a gun and tries to save his wife Jessica in the climax of the film and calls out Judge Doom for his hypocrisy, showing how brave he is.
    8. He starred in 3 cartoons starring him and Baby Herman.
    9. Very well-drawn and great character design drawn by the late Richard Williams, which pays homage to various cartoonish designs from Golden Age-era cartoon characters that inspired his creation such as Bugs Bunny, Goofy and many others.

    The Only Framed Quality

    1. His exaggeratedly dorky voice and antics can either range from being charming or on the Jar-Jar-Binks levels of annoying, depending on your view (though still nowhere near as much as the bad version of his bobcat "clone").



    • He loves carrot cake, just like many real rabbits eat carrots.
    • In addition to being the deuteragonist of the film, he is one of Disney's most popular characters.
    • Since he became very popular, he got his own trilogy of animated short films (as mentioned above, from 1989 to 1993).


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