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    Robot Jones
    "All systems are go!"
    Gender: Genderless
    Type: Helpful Robot
    Species: Robot
    Portrayed by: Microsoft Junior, Bobby Block (Season 2)
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones?

    Robot Electro Jones is the main protagonist of Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?. He is voiced by TTS Junior in most media he has appeared in and Bobby Block in season 2.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is very selfless and brave. He had saved his friends Mitch, Socks and Cubey. He really cares about Shannon Westerburg and even saved her life.
    2. He's still very expressive, even if his voice sometimes lacks tone and he has a TTS voice. He has many facial expressions.
    3. He's a relatable character.
    4. Robot's season 1 voice is very unique. He is voiced by a TTS program.
    5. He has a great and unique character design overall.
    6. He is charming.
    7. He teaches some good morals and life lessons in certain episodes.
    8. He is friendly and sweet. His personality is very unique. He is also cynical and a know-it-all.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be very short-tempered. He has mistreated his friends on a few occasions.
    2. He can be arrogant at times.
    3. He has done a few questionable and bad things. These things have also been shocking ("Politics", "Safety Patrol" and "Hair"). He once went mad with power. Other heroes have been like this then have turned good again.
    4. Like Jenny Wakeman he is mistreated a lot, especially by classmates, the Yogman Twins and Principal Madman.
    5. There are problems with his character design on the animators part. He shown without a neck but not always. At other times he is shown with a visible neck. In the Cartoon Network 20th anniversary video his light bulb is in the wrong shade of yellow.


    • He appeared in Crossover Nexus from OK, K.O! Let's Be Heroes.
    • He was dubbed in Spanish (Latin America), Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Taiwan).
    • It's quite hard to find media from his show.


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