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    Robin (Teen Titans Go! To the Movies)

    Robin (Teen Titans Go! To the Movies)
    "Teen Titans, GO! TO THE MOVIES!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: More likable version of TTG Robin
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Scott Menville
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teen Titans GO! To the Movies!

    Robin, also known by his real name as Richard John "Dick" Grayson, is the leader and a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists in Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Scott Menville. He has a likable version thereof in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

    Why He Shouldn't GO! Away in This Movie

    1. He's a lot more likable in this film, has more charismatic than in the TV show, and is arguably at his best here, as he doesn't act like a mean-spirited and an unlikable tyrant towards his team.
    2. He is very sympathetic in this film because of how he is tired of being treated badly because of his role as a sidekick and is considered a joke because of the past silly things he and the Titans have done.
    3. Since he's considered a joke by every single DC super hero, especially Batman, his behavior is completely warranted.
    4. Scott Menville does an awesome job voicing him in this film, and is an improvement to the TV show.
    5. His redesign is still admittedly passable.
    6. He can be really funny at times during the film, particularly the numerous fourth-wall breaks, and when he used his baby hands to escape the trap Slade put him in.
    7. He gives a good message of never giving up, and never let yourself be put down by the bad and hurtful things that people say about you, and what really matters is what you think of yourself.
    8. He cares about his team very much.
    9. He is a bit more powerful than his original series counterpart, which is definitely seen with his staff’s Pole blaster Mode, his most powerful attack, his staff also has a Shock paralyzer.
    10. He is very smart and witty in this film.
    11. He is still a strong, driven and confident leader.
    12. He has awesome action in this movie, especially during the ending, where he uses his explosive birdarangs, his grappling gun/rope, and especially his staff, which he splits in half and turns it into two giant fists (villains, don't mock his baby hands or you'll get these giant fists like Slade did), which he then slams into the ground for a very strong shockwave, then he rides Beast Boy (in his bird form) and Cyborg (as a seat and cannon) as he helps his team defeat Slade.
    13. He does care about saving the world in this movie.
    14. He has tons of heartwarming moments with his team, like when he was told by his team that he may not be a huge famous superhero, but he is a really good superhero to them, which snapped him out of Slade’s control, and then his team hugged him in happiness and relief.
    15. This version of TTG Robin was pretty awesome, and may have improved his normal unlikable counterpart, as he started to become decent (until Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans, which took a massive downgrade on what made him enjoyable in the first place).

    Qualities that people will want to add another word after GO!

    1. There is still his normal unlikable counterpart outside of the first movie.
    2. He wasn't the best rapper during the Teen Titans rap, depending on your view.
    3. This version of TTG Robin has aged poorly due to the two direct-to-video films that came thereafter.


    • Scott Menville also voices many other characters, including Speedy, Killer Moth, and Billy Numerous.


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