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    Ritsu Tainaka
    The present, not the past, is what matters.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Drummer
    Club President
    Age: 16-18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Satomi Sato (Japanese)
    Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: K-On

    Ritsu Tainaka, also called Ricchan by her friends, is one of the five main characters of K-ON!. She is the self-appointed president of the Light Music Club and the drummer of the band After School Tea Time. She was the one who rebooted the Light Music Club when it was on the verge of being disbanded and has become the natural leader of the club since then.

    She is voiced by Satomi Satō in Japanese, and by Cassandra Lee Morris in English.

    Why She is a Great Drummer

    1. Ritsu plays the drums, and is known for her energetic and slightly tomboyish personality. She is often thinking of ways to improve the club and earn more money.
    2. Ritsu is the source of fun and encouragement in her band, often making jokes, puns, or pranks and being sarcastic much of the time.
    3. Ritsu is very outgoing, loud, boisterous, definitely hammy and quite attention-seeking. Although she isn't actually self-absorbed, since she's generally pretty kind.
    4. Ritsu is very barefaced, sometimes audacious, or even impudent, yet she rarely has ill intentions and usually apologizes the moment after she goes too far. On the other hand, her personality has led to her building up a large endurance to Mio smacking her.
    5. She is very athletic and is in by far the best physical condition of all members of the Light Music Club. Physical Education is the only subject she is naturally good at.
    6. She usually wears a yellow hairband to cover her bangs. Ritsu actually looks like Yui when she's not wearing her hairband.
    7. Although she usually acts boyish and childish, she sometimes shows a girly and shy side.
    8. She is very curious and therefore knowledgeable of many places to have fun at.
    9. She is a surprisingly good cook and is also very easygoing, using a hexagonal pen in exams to determine the answer she should choose.
    10. She and Mio have been friends ever since they were children. She is also good friends with Yui, Tsumugi, Azusa and Sawako.
      • Ritsu and Yui have a lot in common, such as their lazy and laid-back attitudes, reluctance towards learning and their need for fun. They also both have a sweet tooth for Tsumugi's treats and are usually the band members who propose a break first.
    11. In the episode "Summer Training", she hangs out with Tsumugi, where they go to an arcade and then to a candy store, where Tsumugi is fascinated by all the cheap items.
      • Their interaction and bonding is great, as it was the first time Ritsu and Mugi hung out together without the others involved.
    12. Despite her rough mannerisms and speech, she gets cast as Juliet by the majority of her classmates in their class play rendition of Romeo and Juliet and, in the end, manages to act like a proper girl.
    13. Her voice actress did an amazing job voicing her, especially Cassandra Lee Morris.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She tends to be lazy and rather unfocused, as she prefers having fun than practicing.
    2. She's also forgetful, as she often has trouble remembering important club activities and announcements.
    3. She can act like a bully to Mio as she enjoys teasing her about her phobias, which leads to Ritsu taking a lot of physical abuse from Mio.


    • The name Ritsu means "rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control, commandment" (律).
    • Ritsu's surname Tainaka means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta), "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i) and "middle" (中) (naka).
    • She plays the drums because she hates having to perform complicated movements with her fingers.
    • Out of all the After School Tea Time members, Ritsu uses the most profanity.
    • She is a fan of The Who and her favorite drummer is Keith Moon, though she is not fond of his tendency to destroy his drum set and similar violent behavior.
    • Ritsu eats a lot of rice. When the girls visited a shop that sold travel equipment in preparation for their trip overseas, Mio pointed out the rice section to Ritsu and said that Ritsu would need it more than anyone else.
    • Although Mio had described Ritsu's room as "so messy it is impossible to walk", scenes of Ritsu's room seem generally neat. Interestingly, Ritsu's own accounts of Mio's room (e.g. covered in panties) are similarly inaccurate.
    • Her voice actress, Cassandra Lee Morris, also voiced Taiga from Toradora!, Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa from Sword Art Online, Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magicai, Nero Claudius from Fate Extra/Lost Encore, Benio Adashino from Twin Star Exorcists, Aoi Asahina and Angie Yonaga from Danganronpa and Morgana from Persona 5.


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