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    Rin Shima
    Reading all day on the beach, taking a hot spring bath. Talk about living in luxury.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Laid Back and Reserved
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nao Toyama (Japanese)
    Celeste Perez (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Laid Back Camp

    Rin Shima (志摩 リン, Shima Rin) is one of the five main protagonists of the series Laid Back Camp. She is a young girl who is a student at Motosu High School and enjoys camping, but she usually camps by herself until she meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara. She can be considered as the primary protagonist as she is featured the most in the series.

    Good Qualities

    1. Rin is a great character and one of the most favorited in the series, in addition to being one of the best Kuudere characters existed.
    2. Rin is the first character introduced and she was first shown out camping by herself. Considering that the people working there recognize her, and she's shown to be very competent, it's clear that Rin has a lot of experience with camping.
    3. Rin has an adorable character design, especially when she has her hair in bun.
    4. Rin is depicted as having a quiet and reserved personality, preferring to camp alone. However, she is actually a very caring and friendly girl.
    5. Rin is wanderlust and independent, traits that she earned from her parents and especially her grandfather.
    6. Rin has a job at a local bookstore in order to fund her own camping trips, while also volunteering at her school library.
    7. She acquires a license to ride a vehicle, specifically a moped. This greatly helps her in her solo travels, as she can go anywhere she likes freely.
    8. Out of all the main characters, she is the most experienced and has the highest camp-smarts, thus making her the best choice to ask for advice during camps.
    9. Her camping, planning, route choosing and general knowledge of tourist spots in camping areas is on par with veteran campers, to the point that even Toba, who is a veteran camper herself, greatly admires and praised Rin's camping skills.
    10. She is close friends with Ena and also becomes friends with Chiaki and Aoi.
    11. Her friendship with Nadeshiko is one of the best in the series as their relationship grows after Rin helped Nadeshiko when she got lost, and even shared one of her ramen cup, making Nadeshiko her closest friend besides Ena. Since then, Rin rarely hesitate to go camp with Nadeshiko when the opportunity arises.
      • After noticing Nadeshiko napping on the bench, Rin occasionally checks up on her showing that while Rin is a bit of a loner, she does care about others.
      • One of the reasons Rin becomes fond of Nadeshiko is due to the boundless joy Nadeshiko expresses every time she feeds her and how much she loves the food that she and Rin share. So, Nadeshiko won over Rin through her own stomach.
      • She often offers advice to Nadeshiko to make her camping trips easier, or more pleasant.
    12. During season 1, Rin is seen slowly opening up to Nadeshiko and the rest of the Outdoors Activities Club members. While she completely dejects the idea and showing clear discomfort of interacting with people other than Ena, she starts to become a lot more friendly and accepting towards the club. Eventually befriending the entire group, this culminates in Rin agreeing to participate in the club's end of the year camping trip.
    13. In season 2, Rin is now good friends with the Outdoors Activities Club, despite not being a member of the club, Rin also cares very much about the well being of the group and checks on them occasionally.
      • During their camp trip to Lake Yamanaka, Rin worries when they don't answer their phones due to the temperature drop and tells Toba about their situation, which causes her to go all the way there to make sure they are okay.
      • After realizing Nadeshiko hasn't sent her any message in a while when Nadeshiko goes camping alone, she worries that something wrong had happened with Nadeshiko, and goes all the way from Hayakawa to Fuji town to make sure she's safe.
    14. "Look what I bought!"


    • She is ranked 1st in a 2021 survey of favorite Laid Back Camp characters
    • Rin's surname Shima means "aspire, hopes, intention, motive, plan, resolve, shilling" (志) (shi) and "wear" (摩) (ma).
      • Shima is derived from Shima City located in Mie Prefecture.
    • Rin works at Takeda Bookstore.
    • Rin's birthday is on October 1, this made her zodiac sign is Libra.
    • The scooter rode by Rin is modeled from the Yamaha Vino.
    • Rin's house is modeled on a real-life former restaurant located along National Route 300 in Minobu-cho. Its location in the anime is on Route 404, just west of Furuseki.
    • Rin technically never joined The Outdoor Activities Club, but she camped with them a few times.
      • She likes camping alone.
      • At the series beginning, Rin seems to be not very good at cooking as she still uses recipe manuals to learn, however as the series progress, her cooking skills seems to have improved. Thus making her even more effective as a camper.


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