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    "Red, at your service!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Ashley's Best Friend And Little Assistant
    Age: TBA
    Species: Imp
    Portrayed by: Tyler Shamy (2018-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: WarioWare


    Why He's Red

    1. He is a great comic-relief character, as Ashley often mistreats him for the sake of comedy, which is hilarious and a great addition to his character. This is also a memorable part of his character. Similar to Luigi, all of his scaredy-cat moments can also be hilarious as well. He is also the polar-opposite of Ashley in personality, and he is outgoing and cheerful.
    2. He does well at magical potions, and he is great with them, and he helps Ashley with her potions. He is smart with potions and often doesn't fail with helping her with her potions. In WarioWare: Touched!, he tries to catch Orbulon and use him to make an ingredient for a potion but fails, which is hilarious.
    3. His design looks great and pretty cute, especially for a little imp. His trident, according to Game & Wario, is a part of his body.
    4. He at least cares about people, especially Ashley. They often get along, and they have a great friendship. He also cares about his other friends, such as Wario.
    5. His minigames are fun to play with, and he mostly shares his minigames with Ashley.
    6. He can be quite relatable, as Ashley treats him like a Butt-Monkey, and he, alongside Ashley, love food, such as:
      • In WarioWare: Touched!, Ashley tries to make a potion for Red but fails.
    7. His abilities are pretty cool such as him turning into objects and dropping Bombs.
    8. A concept of an imp being a assistant to a witch is a great concept, especially for WarioWare's standards.
    9. Tyler Shamy does a great job voicing Red, and he provides a voice that fits him well.
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