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    Raven Beak (Metroid)
    Raven Beak.png
    "Hadar... sen olmen (Power... is everything)"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Intelligent Power-Hungry Villain
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Mawkin Chozo
    Portrayed by: Dave Rogers Ruiz
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Metroid Dread

    Raven Beak is a Mawkin Chozo who was introduced in the Chozo Archives in Metroid: Samus Returns and he makes his proper debut as the main antagonist of the game Metroid Dread.

    Why He Should Rise to Power

    1. Raven Beak is depicted as a ruthless Mawkin Chozo leader who wants nothing more than power and will do anything to get what he wants and when there is any defiance, he will have them killed, either by an underwater monster, or a Robot Chozo warrior, which one of them killed Quiet Robe in front of Samus for revealing vital information to her.
    2. Raven Beak has a very interesting backstory; he is the leader of the Mawkin Tribe, a group of Chozo who keep their warrior ways, who initially helped the Thoha Tribe, a tribe who have assumed peaceful ways and dedicated to research, contain the Metroids the Thoha created to prey on X-Parasites, at least until the Thoha plan to exterminate the Metroids by destroying SR388 when they were becoming too dangerous. Because Raven Beak worships power and saw the Metroids as the symbolic form of power, he had the Thoha wiped out except Quiet Robe, since a single Thoha must be alive to control the Metroids. Upon reaching the planet ZDR, one of his soldiers was an X in disguise and it infects several Mawkin as they try to contain them. By then, Samus Aran had obliterated all the Metroids which would eventually lead to Metroid Dread.
      • Going further back in time, Raven Beak was the Chozo who donated his DNA to Samus when she was younger, which gave her physical prowess, which makes him the reason why Samus is as strong as she has been in the series, and he regards her as a daughter.
    3. Raven Beak has a well-written personality, and he is shown to be very intelligent and is able to think on his feet when his plans don’t work out, he always has another for backup.
      • During the X outbreak that he had to contain, he figured that he can use them as a bioweapon in addition to the Metroids and even after the Metroids are extinct, Raven Beak realized that Samus is carrying Metroid DNA that she received to destroy the X infecting her body and sends a video message to the Galactic Federation about a live X on ZDR to lure Samus there, but when the seven E.M.M.I. are sent to ZDR he had them reprogrammed to hunt down Samus and because of the communication was lost regarding the powerful robots, it wasn’t long before Samus caught on to the strange activity and went there to investigate.
      • He was able to trigger her Metroid powers during their first battle and spares her after rendering her unconscious and steals her weapons and power-ups she had, so he can use his gained resources to allow for her Metroid powers to awaken.
      • He impersonates ADAM, her A.I. companion and perfectly imitates its speaking patterns to deceive Samus as he seemingly provides hints and when Samus awakens her powers, he starts acting more suspicious when he tells her to join him in his galactic conquest. When Samus refuses to do so, he decides to have her defeated and cloned to create a new army.
    4. He is a very powerful contender to handle, and it shows that he easily packed a wallop on an otherwise near indestructible E.M.M.I. robot, and the fight between him and Samus has him overpowering her not once, but twice! His reflexes, use of his powers, and physical strength make for a realistic battle to put a top-tier warrior, especially someone like Samus, in a helpless state, and executed much better than the infamous scene with the confrontation between Samus and Ridley in Metroid: Other M. It helps even more that Samus herself is written as her badass self in Dread.
    5. His character design is very cool and badass, as well as very fitting for an intimidating main antagonist.
    6. His boss fight in the game is easily one of the best ones in the franchise.
      • And then there’s the aftermath of the first battle where Samus is overpowered once more until an unexpected twist of events where Samus becomes a Metroid and drains Raven’s energy in pure rage. What’s impressive about Raven Beak is that not only did he survive that, but he is also still walking after Itorash crashed from a high height. This is a good way to catch a powerful and cunning villain off-guard.
      • After being infected by an X, his transformation into a hybrid form of himself and Kraid is terrifying to watch and the way Samus uses her Hyper Beam on him twice to slay him is very cathartic and satisfying.
    7. By looking at the other Metroid games and Raven Beak’s actions with the Metroids running rampant in the series, it’s a safe bet that he had the biggest impact in the series out of all the Metroid villains and he was responsible for pretty much most of the bad things that happen in those games.


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