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    Cusco Quint
    Exaltation! You've never heard of Cusco Quint? The Fastest! Strongest! Smartest Prospector South of the Beaufort Sea!?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hilarious Opportunist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Corey Burton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Timon & Pumbaa

    Cusco Quint, better known as Quint, is the main antagonist of the spinoff show Timon & Pumbaa. He appears as a "antagonistic jack of all trades" who is often extremely arrogant since he enjoys often brags about himself, declaring whatever role he's in and describing his skills of any occupation in full detail with the alias he gave himself and is often seen causing problems for Timon and Pumbaa (as well as other people) for the sheer fun of it.

    He is voiced by Corey Burton.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is one of the most unforgettable characters in the show, so much to the point that the series wouldn't be nearly as memorable or as funny without him!
    2. His zany and unpredictable nature makes him a fun, enjoyable and entertaining character to watch.
    3. He can easily steal the show with his pompous, underhanded and crazy antics as a die-hard showboat who describes and boasts with detail about his greatness in numerous exaggerated ways, and expressing his card-carrying, evil-personified personality in a cartoonishly evil manner, very much like Robbie Rotten, Yosemite Sam and Vector Perkins.
    4. His personality is very arrogant, cocky, egotistical, brash, hammy, fast-talking, erratic, energetic, devious, flamboyant, aggressive, bellicose, overdramatic, boisterous, mean-spirited, mischievous, manipulative, evasive, greedy and a comical "jack of all trades" trickster entity who actively causes trouble and inconvience his enemies wherever he is and whenever he likes to, puts on several disguises to suit his dissociative triats, and is prone to making several conceited outbursts that are much more humorous and funny rather than annoying and grating. This works for him having an incredibly over-the-top personality and overall comes across as an extremely entertaining villain to watch.
    5. While he does have many laughable and incompetent moments throughout the show that are played for laughs (at one point having a entire "cat and mouse" style type of chase with Pumbaa and his snail friend in the episode "French Fried" that is done in a almost similar style to Sylvester chasing after Tweety Bird), but he is also given some threatening and intimidating moments here and there that makes him a menace, such as him cornering Pumbaa and his snail friend Speedy in the aforementioned episode "French Fried", and the many times he gets angered such as the episode "How to Beat the High Costa Rica"; where he angrily chases after Timon and Pumbaa for being robbed by them (which makes him a force to be reckoned with in a way), this makes him seen as a true threat and feared by Timon and Pumbaa if provoked or unprovoked.
    6. Most of his plans for decieving and taking on Timon and Pumbaa, while often bringing karma onto himself, are still very creative, impressive and makes him somewhat formidable on his own, as well as strong and capable when he was seen tossing them off the Efiel Tower a couple of times in "French Fried" (and wasn't fooled by Timon's disguise or wasn't easily convinced by Pumbaa trying to convince Quint that Jerry Lewis was outside), and seeing him getting plenty of comeuppance for his sadistic shenanigans and abusive moments, makes his antics all the more hilarious.
    7. Whenever he shows up in any episode of the Timon and Pumbaa series, his entertaining personality and his mere presence immediately makes scenes much more interesting than any other character in the series, thus making him stand out in the best way possible.
    8. He wears multiple outfits and have several personas that fit the surreal situation Timon and Pumbaa are thrown into. This means he can take on several roles of a muscular man with many extravagent roles such as a wildlife explorer, a sea captain, a emperor, a gold thief and so many occupations to list, and will act it out for plans of trickery to work, which also makes him a dissociative showman who can steal any scene with his unusual and eccentric behavior.
    9. Much like The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken, most of his alias names are very funny since they revolve around all kinds of witty puns and very silly descriptions of his skills and abilities, which makes him fairly waggish and hammy.
    10. Corey Burton does a overall great job voicing him.
      • His French laugh he provided in the episode "French Fried", is a joy to listen to, as well as his yell of defeat "Tez Cresent!", especially when he spoke and hams it up with a humorous French accent.
    11. Out of all the characters on the show, he provides the most sarcastic retorts besides Timon, and is the only villain who sometimes breaks the fourth wall.
    12. Even though he revels in being sneaky, unscrupulous, boastful and liking to inconvience Timon and Pumbaa a lot with deceit and aggression, there are times when he isn't being antagonistic and is simply a normal workman, such as a lumberjack who minds his own business in the woods, was seen playing checkers with a fish or is seen traveling, which shows that he's not that petty and one-dimensional, thus making him have a shade of likability.
    13. He provides several great lines throughout both seasons such as:
      • "Incorrectness!!!! I! Crrrrriminal Quint! The Most Perpetrating, Air-Dwelling, Bank-Robbing Rogue east of Alcatraz! Have pulled off the perfect crime! Uh... nearly perfect. WAAAH!!!"
      • "Corrrrrectness? And I, Clockwork Quint. The Most Punctual Time-Keeping Timekeeper of the Alps, condemned from you thinking could leaving this clock in such a grieful state of disrepair."
      • "How dare you oppose MOI! Culinary Quint, The Most Succulent, Palpatable and Robustly Full-Bodied Chef in Tul Le FRRRANCE!""
      • "That's why we are Carlos Quint and Consuelo Quint. The Fastest, Smartest, Boldest Pool Catchers, on the Iberian, Pennisula"."
      • "Clelt Unbogberserk!"
      • "Eureka! Le Miserables!!"
      • "Not so fast! You're not going anywhere! Escargot."
      • "You fools! I can't believe you'd fell for that cockamamie colitis, malarkey! I am in reality, Claim Jumper Quint! The Most Insidious, Dastardly, and Cunning Gold Thief of the Entire Artic Circle!!
      • "LEFT turn! Don't play koi with me, Hero X! It is I! Your arch nemesis: CHRROMOSOME Quint! The Most Genetically Advanced, Biologically Mutated, Equal-Minded Padman in This or Any Alternate Handle Parrrallel Universe."
      • "Absurd omondo, Kusko isn't lost! But you soon will be! Ha ha ha, lost at sea! Ouch."
      • "Cusco says: "So long suckers!", don't feel TOO bad! Ha! Ha! HAAAA!!"
      • "There's no reindeer named ...Pumbaa!"
      • "I am on my way to Nottingham. But I am smitten by your playful nature. May haps we continue the game?"
      • "What?! Fools! Come BACK here with my GOLD!!!"

    Bad Qualities

    1. He is sometimes treated as a punching bag, whether he deserved it for his misdeeds or incompetence, or otherwise didn't do much harm to warrant violent defeats, such as Quint being sent flying into the smoking pipe of a ship.
    2. He can have his moments of being selfish and dishonorable in a bit of a unlikable way for being traitorous, exploitative and deceitful as the villainous opportunist he is, as he is more than willing to be a gaslighting, backstabbing trickster who pretends and fakes friendliness, politeness and "charisma" to then pull a ruse and betray those he befriends for his own self-serving purposes that benefits himself ever since his first appearance "Yukon Con", which can make him too dishonest, greedy and sneaky for his own good.



    • Quint also makes a cameo appearance in the comic Go Fish!.
    • Quint is the only human to have met and had a confrontation with Simba (and vice versa), as seen in "Rome Alone".


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