Quicksilver (Evan Peters)

Quicksilver is a secondary protagonist of the X-Men prequel film series. He was played by Evan Peters.

"For a guy who moves as fast as me, I always seem to be too late."
Gender: Male
Type: Comical Speedy Superhero
Age: 67 years old
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Evan Peters
Status: Alive
Media of origin: X-Men

Why He Rocks

  1. Evan Peters did an excellent job as Peter Maximoff.
  2. A lot of his scenes are memorable, especially when he slows down time in the form of montages.
  3. He is a big source of comic relief and is similar to Sonic in terms of being witty and nonchalant.
  4. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe depiction, Evan Peters’ portrayal is more likable and unique.
  5. He and the X-Men made a brief cameo in Deadpool 2 mourning Jean Grey and Mystique’s loss as they heard Deadpool.
  6. Like the comics, he is Magneto’s son.
  7. Despite being comedic, he is quite selfless since he sacrificed himself to save Hawkeye and a child civilian.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to rights issues between Fox and Marvel, his younger sister isn't the Scarlet Witch.
  2. He was underutilized in Dark Phoenix.
  3. He doesn't seem to age in the course of two decades.


  • Evan Peters portrayed Ralph Boehner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series WandaVision.


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