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    This page is dedicated to Rubén Aguirre (1934-2016)

    Professor Jirafales/Professor Girafalde
    TA, TA, TA, TA, TA, TA!!!, soy professor y me nombre es Jirafales!
    Gender: Male
    Species: "Human"
    Portrayed by: Rubén Aguirre (original series)

    Juan Carlos Tinoco
    (cartoon version, seasons 1-2)
    Moisés Suárez Aldana
    (cartoon version, seasons 3-7)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: El Chavo del OchoBTVSW

    Inocencio Jirafales also known as Professor Jirafales is a character in the series El Chavo del Ocho and the animated series of the same name.

    Porque el deberia tomar una tasita de cafe (Why He Rocks)

    1. Like Don Ramón, he is one of the funniest, most likable, friendly, cult and outstanding characters in the entire show.
    2. He's a highly educated but naïve school teacher, although he carries on a ludicrously innocent relationship with Doña Florinda and patiently teaches way above the heads of his students.
    3. He loves children (Don't think bad things!), always claiming that they are the key to a better future and even going as far as saying that kids are the best thing in the world. He is patient and professionally ethical, but can be very short-tempered as his students (other than Ñoño) rarely take him seriously.
    4. He is also way too oblivious to Doña Florinda's shortcomings, but he is still a overall good character.
    5. He absolutely loves sports, especially soccer, and he would teach the children how to play sports. In a couple of episodes, he is willing to help the children regain the right to play soccer in the courtyard when Señor Barriga prohibits it.
    6. He didn't flanderized in the animated series.
    7. His design in the animated version is great.
    8. His relationship with Doña Florinda is very funny, iconic and memorable.
    9. TA, TA, TA, TA, TA, TA!!!

    Malas cualidades (Bad Qualities)

    1. The most of the time he is seen SMOKING CIGAR IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN!!! in some school episodes, happily, this was retired in the animated series.
    2. He loves sports for sure, but when it comes to boxing, he abhors it as he finds it to be absolutely savage and wild for people to hit each other as they are supposed to love each other (in a PLATONIC way). However, he doesn't realize that most sports, like football and soccer, requires physical contact that potentially involves involuntary hitting, so it would be tad hypocritical for him to make a condemning statement about boxing.
    3. In some episodes, he could be tad violent whenever something he hates, like boxing or insults. About the former in a couple of episodes, he told Don Ramón that he is an enemy of violence and hits, but he warned him that if he ever sees El Chavo with the boxing gloves on again, he will tear Don Ramón apart, and that is exactly what he did without allowing him to explain the situation which causes Don Ramón to retaliate against El Chavo by trapping him in a chair via gluing his hands inside the boxing gloves.
    4. He can be a little nervous and incovenient sometimes, especially when he denies Doña Florinda's shortcomings by claiming that she would never use brutal force due to being blindly in love with her, despite seeing her punch Don Ramón several times and even siding with her on a few occasions. In a few episodes, he even punches Don Ramón or Señor Barriga.


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