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    Princess What's-Her-Name (Earthworm Jim)

    Princess What's-Her-Name
    IN GAME Princess What's Her Name .png
    ANIMATED Princess Whats Her Name.png
    "I have the strength of a hundred men!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Attractive Damsel in distress (game)
    Heroic yet Lovable Princess (TV Series)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Insectoid
    Human (2020 comic)
    Portrayed by: Kath Soucie (1995-6)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Earthworm Jim

    Princess What's-Her-Name is the love interest of Earthworm Jim and the deuteragonist in the Earthworm Jim franchise.

    She is the sister of Queen Slug-for-a-butt and they pretty much never got along. In the games, Jim had to save her, but even though he loved her, she went from loving him in the first game, but to Jim ditching her after getting crushed by a cow, she did not love him anymore in the second game.

    Why She Rocks

    1. In the show, she is a princess with quirky traits that stands out from other damsels in distress type of characters like being tough and independent, which makes her a very unique princess, as she displays the best qualities a free-spirited tomboy could ever have, even for a princess.
    2. Despite her name being hilariously lazy, it is clever and also ridicules the many generic names that any princess in fiction is given.
    3. Like Earthworm Jim, she was given more personality in the animated series. She goes from being a cheery and flirty yet clueless love interest that gets crushed by a cow at the end of the first game, and in the cartoon, she is depicted as a heroic warrior who's very independent, wise, friendly, and on the side of good.
    4. She's a good comic foil to Earthworm Jim, design and personality-wise: While Jim is manic, eccentric, childish, mostly dim-witted, and self-obsessed, Princess What's-Her-Name is a calm, tough, and slightly oblivious yet heroic, independent, and fairly intelligent person.
    5. Similar to a whole lot of other princess characters in fiction, she is very gorgeous-looking and firey (ironically enough, by her home world, Insecktica standards, she's considered to be ugly for some reason).
    6. She's really tomboyish, laid-back, and has both a tough demeanor and sometimes has a sassy/snarky side to her, often regarded for her wise attitude.
    7. She can be best described as cute, calm, independent, wise, and confident, which is what makes her so lovable and unique, compared to most other princesses in the 90s.
    8. She is a very responsible person and one of the more serious characters in the show, generally being the sensible one whenever Jim and Peter are in a predicament.
    9. Her heroic and badass moments are very entertaining. Episodes like "Sidekicked" and "Queen What's Her Name" are good examples that allowed her character to shine.
    10. Kath Soucie did an awesome job voicing her and making sound like she's full of life.
    11. She and Earthworm Jim have a charming "friendship" with each other. While Jim would always try being romantic while Princess What's-Her-Name is often oblivious to many of his romantic cues, she nevertheless views him as a great person to be around and has shown to be very caring towards him.
      • As seen in the episode "Bring Me The Head of Earthworm Jim", when she and Jim are eating at a pizzeria; she first seems relaxed, when Jim asks her how's their date and then treats What's Her Name's oblivious remark about dating in a joyfully passive-aggressive manner, she accepts for the fact that she and Jim are dating and she calls it "eating" in a cheeky manner.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In the animated series, she is oddly oblivious and passive towards Earthworm Jim and his hopes for a romantic relationship.
      • Her relationship with Jim was more or less a professional one. This is best shown when Jim appeared to be harboring the delusion that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, although the Princess appeared to be oblivious to his advances. A running gag throughout most of the cartoon series was that whenever any character asked what Jim meant by "relationship", Jim would give a hearty, if condescending laugh.
      • While she acts very independent and heroic, she can be prone to making mistakes and having her fair share of "damsel in distress" moments.
    2. As mentioned at WSR#2, despite her name being clever and an intentionally funny name, it is hilariously lazy. It sounds more like a silly made-up nickname than an actual name.
    3. She wasn't given enough personality in the games compared to the animated series.
    4. She never makes an appearance in Earthworm Jim 3D, and probably that's all for the better.



    • She is also rather dismissive of Earth in general, noting in one episode that it contained no intelligent life.
    • In the Doug Tennapel comic series, What's-Her-Name is the adopted daughter of Slug for a Butt, after Queen Slug for a Butt took her away from Alura, an earth fairy who was a prisoner of Queen Slug for a Butt and the actual mother.


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