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    Porsha Crystal (Sing 2)

    Porsha Crystal
    Porsha Crystal.png
    "She's afraid. She'll never be able to play the part. But here I am, and I'm young, and I'm not afraid at all."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Girl who was first spoiled, but then redeemed and became adorable
    Age: Late teens/Young adult
    Species: Arctic wolf
    Portrayed by: Halsey
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sing 2

    Porsha Crystal is one of the main and important characters in Sing 2, the sequel to Sing. She is the daughter of Jimmy Crystal. When she was first introduced, she proved to be quite adventurous and a great singer, although she was later revealed that she was a terrible actress. She also proved to be quite spoiled, with her voice actor Halsey calling her “awful”, as her father appears to give her whatever she wants, including Rosita's lead role in Out of This World, due in part to both Rosita being too afraid of heights to complete the stunts and Porsha having a dream the previous night where she performed for everyone, convincing her she’s better for the role.

    She doesn’t particularly take the job seriously either as she shows up late to rehearsal after shopping. She was seen taking her own conclusions, an example is when Buster Moon says he needs to give the lead back to Rosita and offers her to switch roles. Porsha freaks out and thinks he’s firing her and storms out while assuming everyone hates her. She is also shown to be a bit ditzy, such as pronouncing "sci-fi" as "sky-fi" and not knowing what a captain's log is. Fortunately Porsha rejoins the show, forgiven everyone for her attitudes, and before entering the scene, Buster encourages the young wolf to show the world what she is truly made of. Porsha performs a high energy song and dance number, standing up to her angry father. After all this, she joins the gang around her back to Catalonia, and she realizes that she sees Moon as a friend of hers. They join the play in The Majestic once again, and the show continues again.

    Why She's Not Afraid At All

    1. She started the movie being quite spoiled, didn't care about Rosita and her fear of heights, and the play she was doing, looking rather like a lazybones at the start of it all. But she managed to think twice after being allegedly "fired" by Buster, had the opportunity to think twice and have very deep and hasty decisions, and rejoins the show.
    2. Unlike Mike (from the previous movie), she is not as egocentric as Mike was in the first movie, and she's an improvement over him.
    3. Her design looks absolutely gorgeous, especially your design from your alien costume.
    4. Halsey did a perfect job by voice acting on Porsha. His delicate, sweet, soft, beautiful and crystal clear voice like the ocean waters make this one of the best voices in the movie. And when she sings, it's like her voice goes straight from water to wine in a perfect, wonderful and splendorous way.
    5. She has several funny, good, iconic and memorable lines, such as:
      • "Hey!"
      • "Oh my gosh. I'm like, so into vintage right now."
      • "Wait. Is this like, a sky-fi show? (Buster: Uh, sci-fi? Yes. Yes, it is.) Oh my gosh, I love sky-fi!"
      • "Ooh! Can I try?"
      • "Daddy! He won't let me jump!"
      • "Whoo hoo hoo! I love it! It's easy!"
      • "Oh my gosh, you guys! This is exactly like the dream I had last night! Seriously, you were all there! And you, and you, and that funny-looking guy over there! All of you! And you asked me to sing for ya!"
      • "Daddy! I’m hungry for French toast!"
      • "Take that, you nasty alien monster!"
      • "Did I do good?"
      • "Yay! Did you hear that? He thinks I'm awesome."
      • "Wait, where's the koala? Who are you?"
      • "Ugh! It’s not my fault! He keeps missing the catch!"
      • "Captain's log. I must take care, for I have landed on the Planet of War."
      • "What the heck is a captain's log, anyway?"
      • "You're firing me?!"
      • "(sighs) Oh, my gosh. You all hate me, don't you?"
      • "Well I don't care if you hate me!"
      • "You and your stupid, stupid sky-fi show can go to heck!"
      • "Yeah, well, uh, maybe I overreacted a little before."
      • "Wow, my dad’s gonna flip when he finds out about us."
      • "Safe? Heh! Ehh, no. None of us are safe."
      • "Daddy, stop it!"
    6. Sometimes your behavior can be forgiven due to your age. Also being able to have people who can identify with her.
    7. When there are times when she doesn't act like a brat, she can be quite cute.
    8. She is much better than her father, Jimmy Crystal, because she makes decisions quite clearly, while her father is not quite.
    9. The part where she briefly sings "Girl on Fire", by Alicia Keys was really fun.
    10. The scene where she sings and dances the song "Could Have Been Me", by "The Struts" in the play is certainly one of the best and most energetic scenes in the movie.
    11. She finally stands up to her father during her performance.
    12. She defends Buster in some situations, such as when she tried to stop her father from killing Buster.
    13. She can be very hilarious sometimes.
    14. She is very friendly with her friends, and can also defend the others in some occasions, such when she tries to defend her father from killing Buster.
    15. She is quite adventurous and fearless, as shown in the scene where Rosita has to jump from an extremely high height, which obviously makes her scared, and then Porsha appears and experiences the platform instead of her.
    16. She also learned a valuable lesson: if you really feel the energies, the music, the emotions within you, you will be able to present something exceptional and amazing, because the important thing is to be yourself.

    "Spoiled Little Brat" Qualities

    1. As mentioned in GQ #1, she was a bit unlikable at first, being very spoiled and the afore mentioned. Fortunately, she was able to improve herself, apologizes for overreacting, rejoins the show and performs the show behind her father's back.
    2. Porsha's Brazilian voice actor, Lexa, was a somewhat questionable choice to be her voice actor. Although she is a funk melody and pop singer, as this combines a lot with her, it's a little strange to choose a funk melody and pop singer to voice a character from a kids movie, as her voice doesn't seem to fit the right character, kind of damaging the experience, and especially: funk melody and pop are not for children. Sometimes your voice matches a lot at times, but on other occasions your voice is quite dragged, kind of weak.
    3. Its design, although gorgeous, can attract some people who watch the movie due to their way of walking, her voice and their clothes, because they are quite sexy, something that is kind of inappropriate for a kids movie. It doesn't look like you're watching a kids movie, but a teenage movie.
    4. She can overdo it sometimes, as when she freaks out after hearing from Buster that she would be supposedly "fired", and she still says, "You and your stupid, stupid sky-fi show can go to heck!". This phrase is somewhat inappropriate for a kids movie, especially that she literally says their show can go to heck. Yes, really.
    5. She indirectly caused Jimmy to nearly kill Buster and sends his goons after his gang later on after she rats on him to her father that he fired her, which he showed no concern for, only caring about him being embarrassed.
    6. She is sometimes treated like a Butt-Monkey by her father.
    7. Because of her aforementioned behavior at the beginning of the film, and because she was (almost) not reprimanded by anyone during that time, she can be considered sometimes a Karma Houdini.
      • However, she manages to redeem herself later in the film and becomes friendly with others (especially Buster Moon).


    • Porsha had a bit of a buzz on the internet due to her being a female wolf.
    • Porsha Crystal is the second animated film character voiced by Halsey following her role as Wonder Woman in the 2018 film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.
    • Halsey in real life is a very famous singer worldwide. His discography consists of 4 studio albums, 2 live albums and 15 EPs. She also has a very cute son at the moment.
    • Halsey portrayed Porsha after her pregnancy.



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