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    Pinky and The Brain (Animaniacs)

    Pinky and the Brain
    Pinky: "Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
    The Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!"
    Gender: Male (both)
    Type: Comedic Partners of Hegemonists
    Age: Unknown (both)
    Species: Mice (both)
    Portrayed by: Rob Paulsen (Pinky)
    Maurice LaMarche (The Brain)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Animaniacs
    Pinky and the Brain

    Pinky and the Brain are a duo of anthropomorphic mice and secondary characters from Animaniacs and the titular characters of their own spinoff. Pinky is a silly, happy-go-lucky mouse and is an assistant to Brain, a highly intelligent mouse who wants to take over the world. They are voiced by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche respectively.

    Why They're Genius


    1. They have great chemistry/relationship with each other and the fact Brain's depicted as the snarky/blunt genius to contrast Pinky's humorously dimwitted nature makes them a perfect comedic duo.
    2. Out of all the wonderful characters from Animaniacs, they have received the most spin-offs like Pinky and the Brain and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain.
    3. Their designs are great.
    4. They have a very catchy theme song.
    5. They were so well-received, that they made a special return in the 2020 reboot.


    1. Just like many lovable idiot characters like Ed and Patrick Star, his stupidity is very charming and hilarious.
    2. He has a lot of funny and memorable quotes like "Narf!" and "Egad!".
    3. Despite being stupid, Pinky does show some actual signs of intelligence whenever he thinks Brain's plans are going to backfire.
    4. His laugh is very funny to listen to.
    5. He usually contributes the funniest moments in the show, mainly due to his quirky, bizarre and hyperactive nature.
    6. He is very loyal and trusting toward Brain.
    7. Rob Paulsen does a wonderful job voicing Pinky.
    8. “NARF!”

    The Brain

    1. Most of his plans with wanting to take over the world are very unique and creative.
    2. Despite wanting to take over the world, he cares deeply for Pinky, even though he doesn't want to admit it.
    3. His personality is very charming since he is calm, rational, snarky, and cynical.
    4. He has an emotional backstory on why he wants to take over the world.
    5. After reading Pinky's list on A Pinky and the Brain Christmas, he orders everyone to have a merry Christmas rather than conquering the world - showing his more caring side.
    6. He also has great lines such as "Yes!" and "You pondering what I'm pondering?".
    7. His facial expressions whenever he gets angry are hilarious.
    8. Maurice LaMarche does an excellent job voicing him and making him sound a lot like Orson Welles.

    Bad Qualities


    1. While being the only likable characters from that show, they were flanderized in Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, especially Pinky.
      • Speaking of which, both of them have been reduced into huge punching bags all because of Elmyra Duff's non-stop abuse, even though the duo didn't deserve it.


    1. He can be irritating at times, mainly due to how he is an incompetent sidekick to Pinky, and him having his jerkish moments in the Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain spinoff.
    2. Because of his stupidity, he has also done some disgusting stuff as well (primarily because of potty humor such as belches/etc).

    The Brain

    1. He can be a bit mean-spirited to Pinky such as whenever he hits him, given that he does this for Pinky saying or doing something idiotic.
    2. In 'Nighty-Night Toon" which serves as torture for him. He is seen telling the narrator that he is a mouse and not a rat in a very mean-spirited like manner and keeps telling the narrator who once again keeps mistaking him for a rat causing Brain to angrily remind him just as he and PInky were about to take off back to ACME LABS until the rocket explodes on the windowsill causing him and Pinky to get KO'd on top the cage for no reason of whatsoever.



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