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    Pinkamena Diane Pie
    Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 1.png
    "You know what this calls for? A party!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Energetic and Sociable Baker
    Species: Pony
    Human (Equestria Girls)
    Portrayed by: Andrea Libman (also singing voice in some songs)

    Shannon Chan-Kent (singing voice in most songs)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Pinkamena Diane Pie, aka Pinkie Pie is a female Earth pony who is one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She bakes at the Sugar Cube Corner and lives on the second floor with her toothless pet alligator, Gummy. She represents the Element of Laughter. She is the daughter of Igneous Rock Pie and Rock Quartz, younger sister of Maud Pie, older sister of Marble Pie and Pizza Pie, granddaughter of Granny Pie and Feldspar Granite Pie, the cousin of Acacia Pie, Birch Pie, Oak Pie, and Spruce Pie, future wife of Cheese Sandwich, and future mother of Lil Cheese. She is voiced by Andrea Libman along with her best friend Fluttershy.

    Why She Wants To Join The Party

    1. She represents the Element of Laughter because She learned to banish fear by giggling in its face.
    2. She's the most energetic and happy go lucky character in the show; she's cute and is Fluttershy's equal in the area, but if she sees her friends in trouble, she will stop at nothing to help them.
    3. She puts on the greatest and most amazing parties in all of Equestria. She loves to welcome new faces to Equestria by throwing them a big welcome party.
      • Her friendship party in "Party Pooped" helped make amends with the yaks and saved Equestria from war.
    4. One of the best pieces of art in her arsenal is her party cannon. She can use it to decorate a room for a party in only a matter of seconds.
    5. There's genuinely nothing she likes more than to make ponies smile and laugh, as seen when she sings her Smile song.
    6. She performs hilarious cartoon gags throughout the series, like her iconic 4th wall awareness, defying physics, eating large amounts of food, having a wild imagination to the point that it makes her extremely quirky, etc.
      • Being the show’s comic relief, Pinkie is occasionally subject to long and/or cruel jokes such as not having her mouth for a long period of time in "Magic Duel", which is just about the only thing Trixie did that was played for laughs.
    7. Like many of the characters from My Little Pony, she has a very cute appearance.
    8. She came a long way since her time at her family's rock farm. The Sonic Rainboom put a sense of excitement into her life, which made her into the pony she is today.
    9. She is normally regarded as air-headed, socially oblivious, and generally off in her own little world, but she is one of the kindest ponies you'd ever meet barring Fluttershy.
    10. She's loopy and weird, but she has dedicated her life to spreading joy and laughter. Much to the point that she knows just how crazy she is and loves every minute of it.
    11. While she is crazy and eccentric, she's not oblivious to others' feelings. For example, her sister Maud Pie may seem emotionless, but really, she's one of the most emotional ponies she knows.
    12. She is loud, unusual, and, in a word, strange. In episode 13, "Fall Weather Friends", she can be an oddball commentator (Remember: This is Pinkie Pie when she's sane).
      • Despite appearing to be completely insane to outsiders, Pinkie Pie is regularly entrusted with important tasks by local authority figures who have known her long enough to be aware that there's a method behind her madness. This is highlighted in "Swarm of the Century" where nobody takes her seriously until her music drives the Parasprites out of Ponyville, demonstrating that she was right all along.
    13. She's a very musical pony. She can play up to 10 instruments at once and once used her musical ability to drive away from the Parasprites.
      • She also had an interest in being a rapper in "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3".
    14. She's a competent chef and can make pretty tasty pastries for all her friends.
      • She doesn't have the magic of a unicorn or the flight of a Pegasus but is smarter than she looks, and the show's levels of comedy allows her to accomplish a lot of things her powered friends can't. For instance, she solves the problem of the Parasprites by herself while none of her friends can. She is also able to outrun Rainbow Dash or mysteriously already be at Rainbow Dash's various destinations before she even gets there.
      • Whatever her enemies expect her to do to them, it probably doesn't include blasting them with a cannon pulled from Hammerspace or using one of her friends as an impromptu machine gun. Which shows how much she can use her randomness to her advantage.
    15. She has a cool ability called "Pinkie Sense", where she can predict nearby events. It's really useful.
    16. She may seem like an airhead, but she actually has a great memory. She has memorized every single pony's birthday in Ponyville.
    17. She is not always cheerful as she is subjected to the 'breaking the cutie' trope in many episodes, making her more sympathetic.
    18. Andrea Libman and Shannon Chan-Kent do amazing jobs voicing her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her friends may not take her seriously because she has a light attitude in the more serious situations, like when she stopped to drink the chocolate rain before turning Discord into stone.
    2. She can sometimes come off as too obnoxious with her hyper personality.
    3. While she's far from malicious, she has moments where she can absolutely lose her mind especially in "Party of One" and "Secrets and Pies" and she can be quite scary when she's upset.
    4. She, along with the other characters, has been horribly flanderized in My Little Pony: Pony Life.
    5. She is not without her unlikable moments in the show:
      • Her gag of being blunt about Fluttershy's stage fright in Filli Vanilli.
      • She took her hobby of playing the yovidaphone to the extreme in Yakity-Sax.


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