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    "You need a heroic leader like me!"
    Gender: Female
    Species: Plastic pushpin/thumbtack
    Portrayed by: Cary Huang
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Unknown'

    Pin is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and The Power of Two.

    Why We Need a Heroic Leader Like Her

    1. In contrast to BFDI, Pin has matured a lot and is more nice and caring to her teammates, especially Coiny and Spongy, the latter whom she hated to have on the Squishy Cherries.
    2. She treats friends such as Coiny and Needle in BFDIA, BFB & TPOT (especially Leafy).
    3. She has demonstrated to struggle making friends because of her past actions in BFDI. For instance, In "Welcome Back", she attempts to befriend Fries, who's busy gardening potatoes, but to no avail indirectly insults him by calling his gardening cute.
    4. Her voice is fun and unique in BFB & TPOT, as per many contestants.
    5. She became more of a sympathetic character when Puffball had her limbs redacted, when Ice Cube had her face removed, and when Ruby shrunk her down. Because of that, she learned to do challenges without limbs and face. Hence, these are the few reasons why she mentioned in "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" that she didn't enjoy participating in BFDIA.
    6. Even though she can be a tad unlikeable for it, Pin wants to make sure the competition is played correctly. When she thinks her team is cheating, she informs Two about it.
    7. Like everyone else, Pin has seemed to forgive Leafy for stealing Dream Island in BFB, and seems to be welcoming towards her when Leafy joined her team, The Losers!.

    "What? That's Crazy!" Qualities

    1. She was very unlikable in BFDI, as she would scold her fellow Squishy Cherries, such as Pencil and Match, where she forced to split them up in "Barriers and Pitfalls". Her response is "alliance schmalliance". She would also sabotage Woody after trying to climb her when she got stuck, with a sadistic evil grin, even though she let Coiny climb her. Thankfully, she was eliminated early as her comeuppance, and has adapted into a better character since.
    2. She had a few unlikeable moments, such as:
      • She doesn't consider Teardrop to be a real contestant in "Get Digging".
      • In "It's a Monster", she was really rude to Spongy, thinking that he doesn't deserve an apology because nobody cares.
      • An instance in The Power of Two when she thinks that her team is cheating.
    3. Sometimes her getting mad over her team winning in TPOT can get annoying.
    4. Her CG design in BFDIA 9 could be considered terrifying to some people.


    • zacksbee (a former YouTuber) really loves her.


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