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    Petrie (The Land Before Time)

    "Petrie Fly!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Nervous Flyer
    Species: Pteranodon
    Portrayed by: Will Ryan (I)
    Jeff Bennett (II-XIV)
    Media of origin: The Land Before Time

    Petrie is a male brown Pteranodon, or "Flyer". He is characterized as panicky and anxious, and traveled with Littlefoot to find his mother and siblings in the Great Valley while learning the basics of flight along the way. He is talkative, but speaks in broken English, usually omitting such linking verbs as "is", "are", and "am", using "me" in place of "I", and referring to himself in third person. He is voiced by Will Ryan (I) and Jeff Bennett (II-XIV).

    Why He Can Fly

    1. He is very gentle, kind-hearted, and timid.
    2. He always depends on his friends for support and encouragement.
    3. Due to his personality, he contributes to most of the franchise's funniest moments.
    4. Like Courage the Cowardly Dog, he will show how much mental or moral strength he has to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty will stop at nothing to help Littlefoot and the gang.
    5. Will Ryan and Jeff Bennett do a good job voicing him.
    6. He conquers his fear of flying and learns how to fly near the end of the first film.
    7. His design is cute.
    8. He has a great relationship with his friends, especially Ducky.

    Falling Qualities

    1. Some viewers might find him obnoxious due to his voice and how anxious he acts.
    2. Depending on the sequels, he sometimes acts idiotic like the other characters.


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