Peter Puppy (Earthworm Jim)

Peter Puppy
"Can't, let, you hurt, Jim!!"
Gender: Male
Type: Jim's Innocent yet Most Powerful Sidekick
Age: Unknown
Species: Dog
Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Earthworm Jim

Peter Puppy is a recurring deuteragonist and a supporting character of the Earthworm series. He is Earthworm Jim's neurotic sidekick, best friend, and pet dog who joins along with his adventures.

In the animated series, he often is the brains (and sensitive guy) to Jim's brawn (and manly man), and he also rolls along with Jim's mad antics and wild adventures, often wanting to be around Jim at all times. He has a good nature and a kind heart, yet is still very critical of Jim's behavior. Despite his sweet disposition, his monstrous transformation often causes him to be a sadistic and unstoppable force toward anyone that provokes him.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is a genuinely friendly dog and one of the cutest dogs in cartoon history.
  2. His monstrous transformation pays homage to the traits of Bruce Banner and Hulk, all in an original way.
  3. His levels of resourcefulness are much to be desired, especially when he mostly helps Jim practically stay focused and save the day from time to time.
    • He is also very handy with fixing Jim's space rocket at times.
  4. His sassy and deadpan remarks are very hilarious, and these are always done at the right moment.
  5. Despite always seeming innocent and all, he also learns from his mistakes at times.
  6. He, alongside Princess What's-Her-Name, is always there for Earthworm Jim, generally supporting him in any type of adventure Jim gets himself into. Making him a very loyal companion to have.
  7. His character design is very appealing, the cartoon version especially.
  8. Jeff Bennett does a great job voicing him.
  9. He has a wonderful singing voice, as seen in the episode "Upholstered Peril".
  10. He is a sensitive and intelligent dog with genuine affection and devotion to Jim. Being the less eccentric one of the two, he has a better judge of character despite making his fair share of mistakes.
  11. Despite Peter generally having plenty of sassy remarks, he is nevertheless very heroic and helpful towards Jim. He always has a solution, idea, or plan of action that helps Jim.
  12. On top of that, his levels of hyper-competence whenever he solves a problem in a heroic fashion is just satisfying to watch.
  13. He can have a level of relatability to his character. Sure he's talkative and all, but he can be sympathetic when he is subjected to a situation he didn't deserve to be in or how his sarcasm, while played for laughs, is understandable since Jim can be quite irrational or ridiculous.

Bad Qualities

  1. In the animated series, while he is voiced greatly by Jeff Bennett, his nasal-sounding voice can be as grating whenever he yells or screams, almost in the same way as Coconuts from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  2. In the first game, he's almost a pain in the back for Jim to handle taking care of him since he's a cheerful pup who walks mindlessly and would turn into a violent brute who makes Jim regain his progress back. Making him seem like a minor villain Jim needed to help get escorted back home, he at least becomes friends with Jim after the first game.



  • He may find Haggis tasty, but he is easily disgusted by Haggis for it being made out of a sheep's lungs and liver boiled in its own stomach.


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