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    Percy the Small Engine (seasons 1-14, 17-24)

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    Percy the Small Engine
    "Hello! I'm Percy, the number six green engine. I'm Thomas' best friend, and I love delivering the mail."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Thomas' Loyal Friend
    Species: Saddle Tank Engine
    Portrayed by: Keith Wickham (UK, 2009-2015)
    Nigel Pilkington(UK, 2015-2021)
    Martin Sherman(US, 2009-2015)
    Christopher Ragland (US, 2015-2021)
    Linda Ballantyne (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Railway Series

    Percy in "Thomas, Percy and the Squeak"

    Percy the Small Engine is the deuteragonist of the Thomas and Friends series. He is a small green engine, and one of the youngest engines on the Island of Sodor.

    Why He Pulls The Mail On Time

    1. He was the first engine given his own name by the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt.
    2. His naive but positive personality is what makes him a likable character.
    3. While he can be a softie at times, there are plenty of episodes showing his bravery. Examples include "Percy's Promise", "Percy Gets It Right" and especially "Put Upon Percy". Special shout-out to "Tale of the Brave" when he saved James from a landslide.
    4. His friendship with Thomas is incredibly charming.
    5. He along with Toby started the Ffarquhar trio, Thomas, himself, and Toby.
    6. His green color fits him and matches his personality as well.
    7. His episodes where he and James get the lead role together make him and James a very good duo, like how Ren and Stimpy are a great duo together.
      • They even have a few fun rivalry stories like "Jack Frost".
    8. His redesign in the "Meet the Steam Team" series videos looks really wonderful to him. The rivets and handrails on either side of his cab entrances and across his saddle tank are just like he did in the RWS.
    9. His facial design is absolutely adorable.
    10. He, along with Thomas have spawned plenty of memes such as dirty Percy.
    11. He is at his absolute best in Percy's promise where he was practically a joke before this, and he shut up other big engines like Gordon or James.
    12. Despite being rather simple-minded, he tends to be kind, caring, and curious

    "Dirty Percy" Qualities

    1. Sadly, he lost his original personality in seasons 15 and 16 and in "Day of the Diesels" as he was turned into an idiot, a dimwit, and a crybaby who obsesses over Thomas' attention and made a big deal over Thomas befriending Belle and Flynn in said special, yes Thomas may have ignored Percy, but that gives Percy no reason to behave like that. "Percy and the Monster of Brendam", one of his worst episodes, made him painfully dumb when he was asking to be scared by some so-called "Monster of Brendam". His downfall was short-lived like Jerry in the Gene Deitch era of Tom and Jerry from 1961-1962 and SpongeBob in seasons 6B & 7, but was flanderized again in All Engines Go!, where he’s portayed as a coward and follows Thomas’ stupid decisions.
    2. During the early books of The Railway Series and the early adaptations of them in the TV series, he and Thomas had a rocky relationship. They tended to tease each other in those scenarios, which made their connection as more of a toxic one than the healthy one they had in later seasons.
      • "In Thomas, Percy & The Coal", he teased Thomas for getting coal all over him from the coal hopper. Though it's fair for Thomas in getting comeuppance for teasing Percy when he got pushed by some trucks which knocked off the buffers and derailed him, it doesn't excuse him in getting vengeance for Thomas' teasing. He already got his consequence, it isn't necessary to add it up when it's already suitable.
      • In "Percy's Ghostly Trick", he scared and teased Thomas by pretending to be a ghost. Again, it's fair that Thomas deserves it for being hurtful to him, but he could've proven him in some other way. Not to mention that Thomas himself got irritated with the joke later on.
    3. The infamous episode where Percy attempts at befriending animals because he wants to play whilst he might have work to do on the railway would be something very against his character as Percy usually likes animals, but he would never obsess over-attention to animals.
    4. He can be a target for insults at times by Gordon and James and especially the trucks, much like Butters from South Park. (although he still proves them wrong)
    5. While Percy is still likeable in the HiT era, he can sometimes be childishly stupid at times.
    6. Like SMG4, its new CGI design, while faithful to the original design, is pretty bad as it was already okay with its original model design.


    • One of Percy's brass models is currently on display in Japan at the Hara Model Railway Museum (previously on display at Nitrogen Studios), along with his large-scale model used for the spin-off series, The Pack (previously on display at Thomas Town). His original perspex model (along with three of his faces) is now owned and preserved by Twitter user ThomasTankMerch.
    • Percy is the only engine that is known to have been named by the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt.
    • In the French narration of the Classic Series, Percy is called "Pierre", and in the Greek narration of the Classic Series, Percy is called "Jerry". From the thirteenth series onwards, Percy has been referred to with his original name.
    • Percy has been shown to be quite popular among several people who worked on the series, according to Abi Grant on her website, Percy is her favourite character, Britt Allcroft also stated he was her favourite character due to him being green and cheeky, Percy is also Mark Moraghan's favourite character, alongside Cranky.
    • Percy is the first character other than Thomas to be the protagonist in a special, with that special being Day of the Diesels, which he would later do again in Tale of the Brave.
    • In "Thomas and the Rumours", it is stated that Percy had a branch line, although it may have either been a plot hole or had been mistaken for Thomas' Branch Line.
    • Percy was featured on the 1986 single cover along with Rheneas of "Oh L'amour", a song by English synthpop duo Erasure.


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