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    Penny Proud (The Proud Family)

    Penny Proud (The Proud Family)
    Penny Proud (TPF).png
    Penny Proud (Louder and Prouder).jpeg
    "I'm Penny Proud. I'm cute, I'm loud and got it goin' on!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Likeable, tolerable, reliable, understandable, and relatable character
    Age: 14-16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kyla Pratt
    Media of origin: The Proud Family

    Penelope Marie "Penny" Proud is the leading protagonist of the animated television series The Proud Family. She is a 14 year old girl who lives in Wizville, California with her mother, father, brother and sister. Her grandmother visits everyday and often spends the night with her pet poodle. She is a typical teenager who tries to live the life she dreams of, but her parents (particularly her father) forbid her from dating boys. Penny loves her family dearly, but often finds herself embarrassed by the way her father, Oscar Proud, acts in public, how her mother Dr. Trudy Proud coddles her, and annoyed by the fact that she's often stuck having to babysit the twins Bebe and CeCe, which keeps her from being able to go out with her friends. Suga Mama is very quick to stand up for her grandbaby and she is usually someone Penny goes to whenever she feels her parents are being unreasonable.

    Why She's Proud

    1. She is the most likeable character in the series. She is smart, an extrovert, having excellent communication skills and a knack for finding ways to relate to almost everyone she talks to. She is also fun-loving, forgiving, cool, and quite cute.
    2. She loves and respects her parents and grandmother.
    3. She had a good reason to have a rivalry with LaCienega Boulevardez. LaCienega was mean to her at first when she did nothing to her, pretended to be nice to Penny's parents while they were friends with hers, and easily getting away with things scot-free.
    4. She can be understandable at times, mainly when it comes to the situations she was put through, especially in The Proud Family Movie where she wants to make her own decisions and to be treated like a 16-year-old because she turned into one.
    5. She realizes her mistakes and apologizes. She also learns from them once realizing how bad they are and from getting punished for it.
    6. Her voice is passable, and so is her design.
    7. She is also talented, extremely productive at school as she gets straight A's, plays on the football team and writes for the school newspaper, 'The Checkerboard Times', and is also prolific at writing and reciting poetry but became resentful when she discovered that Dijonay was even better than her at it.
    8. She also has true feelings and at times can speak what's in her mind.
    9. She was raised in both an authoritarian and democratic parenting style from her parents (while her dad, Oscar, is the one with the authoritarian parenting, Trudy, her mom, is the one with the democratic parenting).
    10. She is also a natural born leader and tends to act as such in her friend group much of the time. She gives inspirational speeches that often get the people around her engaged and willing to help support her beliefs and causes.
    11. She proved herself to be a talented singer as a member of LPDZ and her talents eventually land her a brief career as a solo singer for Wizard Kelly Productions under the name Penné until she quits after falling out of character and then missing her old lifestyle.
    12. She always stood up for what she believed.

    Not So Proud Qualities

    1. Despite every reason mentioned above that makes her likeable, she has had a few flaws in the series. While listening to her parents and respecting them most of the times, she sometimes gets obstinate and it leads her into undesirable situations from time to time.
    2. She transformed herself into an unlikeable bully in the episode "Pulp Boot Camp" all because she wanted to see how it felt like to be a bully by listening to the Gross Sisters when she was doing a report about in on her newspaper, thus leading to her becoming like the GS, stealing from her friends, being rude to them, obtaining TONS of detentions, and the worst offender would be when she disrespected her parents and Suga Mama, which led her straight to boot camp.
      • Thankfully that didn't last for long, because after Penny chose to face the music in boot camp after realizing that her close friends and her family won't help her, things went back to normal as Penny recouped her original self and learned from her mistakes as she completed her expose about the whole event, thus earning the good grade she longed for.
    3. She and Oscar got into a tussle in the film, though it was understandable.


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