Penny Crygor, commonly known simply as Penny, is one of the main characters of the WarioWare series, and is an employee of WarioWare, Inc.. She is Dr. Crygor's daughter.

Penny Crygor
"Gonna be a shining star, she's going far, Penny!"
Gender: Female
Type: The Smart Daughter of Dr. Crygor
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ann Lin (2006-2013)
Fryda Wolff (2018-present)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: WarioWare


Why She's A Small Girl Takin' On A Big World

  1. For starters, she is a great scientist and a great daughter to Dr. Crygor, and her inventions often succeed. She makes Tonally Transformative Elixir in WarioWare Gold. She also aspires to be a famous singer when she grows up, which is a great addition to her character. She even cares a lot about Dr. Crygor and Mike.
  2. She is a nice girl, as she cares a lot about Dr. Crygor and Mike, and they have a great father-daughter relationship, where she admires Dr. Crygor, which is great. She also cares a lot about her friends.
  3. Her song, Penny's Song, is so catchy. She sings about her hobbies and interests.
  4. Her design is great and cute, especially as a scientist. Her black glasses also look pretty great.
  5. She has an interest in music, which is a great addition to her character. She also loves singing, and her stage has singing. It can make her quite relatable.
  6. In WarioWare: Get It Together!, she is added as a playable character, and hosts minigames in stages.
  7. Her minigames can often be quite fun to play.
  8. Fryda Wolff does a great job voicing her.
  9. She is a great and smart student at Diamond Academy, as she loves math and science the most.
  10. In WarioWare: Move It!, she hosts a stage.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her voice can get pretty annoying at times.
    • Especially when she sings in the cutscene of the "Dancing Team" stage of WarioWare Gold, which sounds pretty irritating.
  2. She is shown that she sometimes cannot make her inventions good, such as when she made the Tonally Transformative Elixir in WarioWare Gold, which looks disgusting at first glance, and especially at close-up; it also gave Dr. Crygor a stomach ache, but at least Penny cured him with the Super-Special Tummy Tonic.
  3. Speaking of that cutscene, the part where she uses Dr. Crygor as her "guinea pig" by force feeding him the Tonally Transformative Elixir was a bit harsh, but when she sees her grandfather having a stomach-ache, she cured him.
  4. When Dr. Crygor asks her when the effects of the Tonally Transformative Elixir will wear off, Penny giggles nervously, meaning that the potion was meant to be permanent, which also means she should've made her thought before feeding Crygor the potion.


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