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    Peggy Hill (King of the Hill; seasons 1-9)

    Peggy Hill (King of the Hill: Seasons 1-9)
    Peggy Hill Seasons 1-8.jpeg
    "My husband likes to call me his 'Better Half', be cause I Better Have dinner ready."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Kind and Caring Mother
    Age: 43-44
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kathy Najimy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: King of the Hill

    Margaret "Peggy" Hill (née Platter) (born February 6, 1954) is a fictional character in the Fox animated series King of the Hill, voiced by Kathy Najimy. She is the matriarch of the Hill family and the wife of series protagonist Hank Hill, mother to Robert Jeffrey "Bobby" Hill, and aunt to Luanne Platter.

    Why She Rocked

    1. She’s determined, strong, funny, and acts as the family’s conscience, along with Hank.
    2. She give us funny moments like "That book is worthless." or the "Peggy's Musings (Oh Peggy...!)" scenes.
    3. She’s a good person in real life, despite having some flaws (that can't be said about later seasons).
    4. Kathy Najimy does a great job voicing her, being unique and charming, and also fits the character pretty well.
    5. She’s appears to be crafty and ingegnous, and is very smart, especially when she calls out on Leanne for being a terrible mother to Luanne. Let’s not forget the fact that she also defeated Leanne after Leanne tried to attack her.
    6. She’s a great wife and mother. She loves her husband Hank, her son Bobby, and her niece Luanne very much. She will agree with Hank on most things, always supports Bobby in his choices, and she acts like a mother figure to Luanne.
    7. She also knows when she’s wrong and will try to make up for her mistakes, which shows her commitment to her family.
    8. It is possible that according to a popular theory, she received brain damage at the beginning of the fourth season, thus giving her narcissistic personality disorder. But she still remained a decent character from seasons 4-9.
    9. King of the Hill wouldn’t be the same without her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be annoying sometimes, but not as much as how it was in later seasons.
    2. She was flanderized from season 10 until the show’s end.
      • It also varies whether she was in character or not in seasons 4-9, depending on episodes such as "Goodbye Normal Jeans", "What Makes Bobby Run?", "Lupe's Revenge" and "Get Your Freak Off".
    3. Likewise, she does have some unlikable moments before season 10, such as:
      • "Husky Bobby", as while Hank recognizes that Bobby will be embarrassed and unable to go to school, Peggy thinks that Bobby will be famous. What?
      • "Pretty, Pretty Dresses", for being really mean to Bill, who was going through a tough time.


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