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    "Oh Gosh!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Smart Penguin
    Gentleman and a Scholar
    Age: 8
    Species: Penguin
    Portrayed by: Unknown (2017-2019)
    Jose David Ramos (2018-2023)
    Madeline Dorroh (2023-)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ryan's World
    First appearance: Peck Mails Himself

    Peck the Penguin is a main character from the children's web series Ryan's World. He has slowly adapted from being a nerdy, intellectual character on The Gus Show, to a former gamer on the VTubers Channel. He is the friend everyone in Ryan’s World goes to for assistance in science or math.

    He was voiced by an unknown actress in 2017-2019, Jose David Ramos in 2018-2023, and is currently voiced by Madeline Dorroh.


    Peck was a little penguin living in Antarctica. He was about to take a trip to the North Pole to find a golden popsicle. He packs his stuff and himself in a cardboard box ready to be mailed to the North Pole. Around the same time, Gus is looking for gummies, but he doesn't find any, so he orders more of them online. Peck has been mailed to the North Pole, or in this case, Gus' house! Gus meets Peck and they become friends. As seen in later episodes, he chose to live near Gus.


    Peck is extremely intelligent, nerdy and creative, and has perfect school attendance. He often helps with coming up with ideas. He is also good at making inventions.

    Why His Calculations Are Correct

    1. He has an awesome backstory, which involves him trying to mail himself to the North Pole but ends up at Gus the Gator's house instead.
    2. In some older media, a puppet was made and used to portray the character. The puppet in question looks decent enough.
    3. He has managed to get a successful job selling Ice Cream.
    4. He is one of the only likable characters in Ryan's World, making him more unique.
    5. He has some memorable catchphrases like "Oh Gosh!" and "According to my calculations..".
    6. His former voice actor, Jose David Ramos[1], does a great job voicing him. His new voice (played by an unknown actress) is also pretty cute,[2] though it sounds too feminine for a male character.
    7. His cute design is arguably better than the rest of the Ryan's World cast.
    8. He is so smart in fact, that he managed to skip a few years of school due to his intelligence. That's pretty awesome.
    9. He is also a very honest and responsible character, and and even goes as far as saving others' lifes.
    10. This wise penguin teaches the viewer about a lot of stuff, mostly science.
    11. Even when he lost to a challenge, he still thanked the winner for well, winning.
    12. He can also be treated as sympathetic due to Combo Panda treating him like a Butt-Monkey.
    13. His optimistic and idealistic personality is often what allows his friends to succeed in the first place, making him a great member of the Ryan's World cast.

    Pecked Qualities

    1. His 2018-2023 voice was very high-pitched and weird. It sounded like an elderly woman. His voice actor, Jose David Ramos, has also recently been replaced by Madeline Dorroh, making Peck sound more like a girl than anything else.
    2. As mentioned above, he is treated like a butt-monkey by some characters, especially Combo Panda.
    3. He is unlikable in some episodes, such as First Day Back to School, where he makes fun of Gil for farting.
      • He is also occasionally overused in some episodes, especially those that are made to educate their viewers.
    4. He does have a short temper, which is shown in some scenes.
    5. He can easily be mistaken for being female, due to his purple coloring, cute design, and feminine voice.




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