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    Pear (The Annoying Orange/The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange)

    "Oh, God!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sarcastic Straight Man
    Age: his 30s
    Species: Fruit
    Portrayed by: Dane Boedigheimer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: mh:besttvshows:The Annoying Orange
    mh:terribletvshows:The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

    Pear, is an awesome fictional character who is from YouTube’s The Annoying Orange, and Cartoon Network’s The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, created and voiced by the amazing Dane Boedigheimer. He, along with Orange, is one of the greatest YouTube characters ever created.

    Why He's the Voice of Reason in the Kitchen and is Anything but Boring

    1. Pear is a very likable character who is the smartest and the most responsible one of the fruits.
    2. Pear does do some extreme things sometimes, and whether he greatly succeeds, or hilariously fails, he always staying alive in the end.
    3. While Pear does get annoyed by Orange, his best friend, it's funny whenever he says Orange is not, and have been videos when he is shown to actually care about Orange, such as when his life is in danger.
    4. Pear also cares about his friends, and is the most caring and protecting of the group.
    5. Some of Pear’s stories are tragic, such as his love story with his old lizard friend, Liz.
    6. Pear also joins the gang on adventures, playing video games, and is the main co-host of How2, and sometimes Ask Orange.
    7. Pear also does things he's forced to do just to get it over with, which shows dedications to AO fans, especially when he plays scary games.
    8. Pear is also, along with Orange, the first character to be introduced in the series.
    9. Pear is amazingly voiced by Dane Boedigheimer.
    10. Pear is also in many of the AO merchandise, which is nice.
    11. Pear did get his own YouTube channel, and while it was short, it's still up with his funny and hilarious videos.
    12. Pear is hilarious whenever he tries to be extreme, and it never gets old.
    13. Even on the awful Cartoon Network TV Show, Pear wasn’t flanderized like Orange’s TV counterpart, and is actually a good character that is worthy of being part of Cartoon Network’s family.

    Boring Qualities

    1. Pear telling Orange to be quiet, and being happy when he's gone can be annoying, but makes sense, since Orange is annoying.
    2. Pear can be too boring sometimes, it's even acknowledged by Orange that he's boring.
    3. Like Luigi, Pear isn't recognized by a lot of people.
    4. In the more recent episodes, Pear has become more of a butt-monkey.
      • That being said, he’s at least a sympathetic butt-monkey at that.
    5. He murdered a bunch of coffee beans in "Cool Beans".


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