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    Parisian Cat (Tasty Planet Forever)

    Parisian Cat (Tasty Planet Forever)
    ㅤ*devours entire city block casually*
    Gender: None
    Type: Cat With an Endless Appetite
    Age: None
    Species: Robotic Cleaning Cat
    Portrayed by: None
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tasty Planet
    First appearance: Tasty Planet Forever


    Parisian Cat is a character in the fourth installment of the video game series Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet Forever, and is the first one you play as. It is a very tiny robot cat designed to clean up filth and unwanted clutter, and has self-replicating technology that allows it to "grow to any size to handle the job". It has a practically endless appetite and can eat anything smaller than itself.

    It is shown to have a very determined and obedient personality, stopping at nothing to carry out its owner's orders. This is shown throughout the game as it stops at nothing to eat everything on earth, be it peas, mice, knives, humans, tables, awnings, restaurants, city blocks, neighborhoods, and then the entire Eiffel Tower, feeling no remorse at all no matter how much it eats.


    The fourth installment of the series is Parisian Cat's only appearance as of yet. In the game, the scientists that created Grey Goo are now working at a restaurant, with the young scientist now a waiter and the old one now a chef.

    The young scientist gets disgusted at how filthy the kitchen is, but then the old scientist says he has a solution and shows the young scientist Parisian Cat. The old scientist explains that it was given to him by his cousin. The old scientist then says to Parisian Cat, "Eat. Everything." and Parisian Cat complies, but the old scientist probably should've worded his commands a bit better.

    Throughout the game, Parisian Cat is shown first eating peas, followed by cockroaches and mice. It then grows larger and larger, eating knives, wine bottles, baguettes, poodles, humans, bushes, tables, cars, awnings, restaurants, city blocks, neighborhoods, and then finally, the entire Eiffel Tower, leaving Paris completely empty.

    Why It'll Always Have Paris

    1. Its design is adorable and super huggable, and makes you just want to snuggle it (although that would get a bit metal-y).
    2. Its endless appetite is hilarious, as it literally starts out eating peas and then eventually grows large enough to eat the entirety of Paris.
    3. Its design is pretty funny and detailed.
    4. The noises it makes are pretty adorable as well.
      • It occasionally makes cute little meow noises when it eats.
    5. It drove a restaurant that was stealing the customers of all the other restaurants out of town by eating all their awnings.
    6. It sometimes gobbles things up without even realizing it, which is really endearing.
    7. Its ability to eat entire buildings without ripping apart the landscape is hilarious, albeit nonsensical.
    8. It's a creative parody of the grey goo scenario, a scenario where autonomous self-replicating machines create more and more of themselves and eventually take over the world.
      • What makes this even better is that it isn't just a carbon copy of this scenario, as it is just one entity that instead of creating more of itself, replicates its cells to allow it to grow bigger and bigger the more stuff it consumes.
    9. It once ate all of the poisoned chocolate macarons in a restaurant, presumably saving many lives.
    10. Even when it grows to the size of an entire kilometer, it still has its same adorable meowing noise, which is both hilarious and cute.
    11. Although it has a number of unlikable things about it (see "Bad Qualities"), a number of them are fairly hilarious.
    12. It managed to evade the attempts the military made to stop it.
    13. Depending on how you look at it, it could be either a protagonist or an antagonist.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Its strange abilities, while funny, are unexplained and nonsensical.
    2. It devoured knives, wine bottles, baguettes, poodles, humans, bushes, tables, cars, awnings, restaurants, city blocks, neighborhoods, and the entire Eiffel Tower, which, while funny, is also super destructive.
    3. Its endless appetite can be kind of annoying to some people.
    4. Sometimes it's kind of mean and eats things just for the sake of eating them.
    5. It's kind of stupid and oblivious, and it's often blinded by its voracious appetite that just makes it want to eat everything it sees.
    6. Its alternate skin, Metal Cat, doesn't have a very appealing design.
    7. Depending on how you look at it, its eyes can look kind of soulless.
    8. It's pretty inconsistent, as sometimes it's doing good things for humanity/animals, but other times it's just devouring everything.
    9. Technically speaking, it did destroy the entirety of Paris...



    • The only installment in the Tasty Planet series that features Parisian Cat is Tasty Planet Forever.
    • Parisian Cat's alternate skin, Metal Cat, is actually just the metal husk of Parisian Cat upon the fur falling off.
    • In Parisian Cat's Tasty Planet Forever cutscene, it is shown to be much larger than it actually is when you start the level.
    • Parisian Cat is only featured in the first world of Tasty Planet Forever.
    • It is the first character unlocked in Tasty Planet Forever.


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