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    Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark, season 3)

    Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark, season 3)
    🎶You can watch us make it to Incredible Characters Wiki, as we became more charming, lovable and hilariously funny!🎶
    Gender: Females
    Type: Funnier, Likable Duo
    Age: 15
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Olivia Rodrigo (Paige)
    Madison Hu (Frankie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bizaardvark
    First appearance: First!
    Last appearance: The Beginning of the End

    Paige Dana Olvera and Francine Hildegard "Frankie" Wong are the main protagonists in the Disney Channel series, "Bizaardvark". They are a duo of best friends and like to make videos together with their friends. They have redeemed themselves in season 3.

    Why They Rock Now

    1. They went from bad rip-offs of Carly Shay and Sam Puckett to being funny, likable and unique clones who don’t try to be like Carly and Sam and have characters of their own.
    2. Paige and Frankie has gotten more unique and hilarious with their videos.
    3. They also got better personalities, as Paige is now a kind and caring girl who always helps her friends out, and Frankie gets a sassy attitude and is very self confident.
    4. They also now both take criticism very well.
    5. They have more focus during this season, which is great.
    6. They have much better dialogue.
    7. They have much more unique funny moments, like Paige’s love for the ocean in "The Summer of Us", Paige and Frankie battling in "The Stand-Up Standoff", Frankie being a confident driver in "Rozes are Red", and when Paige and Frankie do a quick video and share their thoughts about New York in "The End of the Beginning".
    8. Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu do a much better job portraying them where it actually comes off as realistic.
    9. They love their friends and family very much.
    10. Their friendship is very charming.
    11. They learn from their mistakes and improve as characters, like apologizing to Zane and Rodney in "The Summer of Us", and they forgive them.
    12. They were at their best in "The Stand-Up Standoff", as they have a funny battle, as well as many funny jokes, and they make up in the end, which was heartwarming.
    13. They had a great ending in "The End of the Beginning", where they reunite with their friends at Amelia’s barn after Vuuugle shut down, Paige’s heartwarming speech about friendship, and hugging their friends at the end of the episode.

    Bad Qualities

    1. They were very unlikable in the first two seasons.
    2. They can still be annoying and unlikable sometimes.
      • They can also still act like Carly and Sam at times.
      • Frankie can still be a little too aggressive at times.
    3. They can sometimes have some cheesy dialogue.
    4. Their portrayal from their actors can still be poor sometimes.


    • Paige's middle name was revealed to be Dana in "Where There's a Willow There's a Way".
    • As revealed in "Paige's Way vs. Frankie's Way", Frankie was born on June 2nd, which is coincidental because Madison Hu (who portrays Frankie) was also born on June 2nd.


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