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    Padak or Flappy is the titular main protagonist of the 2012 South Korean animated film "Padak".

    "Destiny treats us like fools, but you do it anyway".

    She is a female mackerel who was taken to a sushi restaurant, and was about to get eaten. She tried to escape, but was sadly killed at end.

    Why She Rocked

    1. She tried her best on encouraging the other fish to escape from the tank, no matter how much backlash she got for dismissing the flatfish as a phony.
    2. Unlike the other fish who are about to get eaten in the sushi restaurant, Padak never lost hope on escaping the tank.
    3. Throughout the film, she bonds with Spotty, telling him about her life in the sea and encouraging him to be free with her.
    4. Her high hopes and optimism makes her one of the movie's most sympathetic characters.
    5. She was smart and strong-minded enough to not fall for the old flatfish's lies about the sea, since she comes from there.
    6. Though the animation looks weird (note, it was on purpose) Padak's character design is still appealing.
    7. Her two songs are great: Nightmare is a very well-written song, and Forgive me is pretty emotional.
    8. After eating a few clownfish who were insulting her, she looks at a flatfish being devoured and realizes of what she was becoming, snapping right out of it despite suffering from starvation.
    9. She stood up to Jooldom for bullying her and Spotty.
    10. Her not wanting to be in the flatfish's group is pretty understandable, since as mentioned prior, the flatfish's riddles is full of lies.
    11. Her death is not only heartbreaking, but also inspired the flatfish to escape the tank.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Her Butt-Monkey moments can be pretty painful to watch.
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