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    Origami Yoda is the focal character in the Origami Yoda books. He is an origami finger puppet. He is supposedly "Jedi-wise". Many of the characters in the series try to decided whether or not he really has the force, or if it's just Dwight Tharp (the wielder of Origami Yoda) playing a hoax. Origami Yoda was the main subject of the first installment of the series.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He helped many of the students at McQuarrie Middle School by giving them advice. For example: he helped Mike be calmer and less angry.
    2. Even when speaking in riddles he is miraculously helpful.
    3. His design on the cover of the first book is cool, or should we say spooky.
    4. He is clever, wise, and usually calm.
    5. He has many people in the books that believe in him and trust him.
    6. He and Dwight organized the Origami Rebel Alliance, which was created to apprehend FunTime from disrupting the learning environment.
    7. Dwight uses a bad Yoda impression when making him speak, but that just makes him more unique.
    8. Origami Yoda eventually left the kids of McQuarrie, to help out other students at a whole different school. He supposedly left because the students at McQuarrie did not need him anymore, and because the other school could use his help.
    9. Origami Yoda not only helped other kids by advising them, but by doing so he made lots of people respect Dwight a lot more.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Sometimes his riddles are confusing and people take a while to understand them.


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