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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Michael Kenneth Williams (1966-2021).

    Omar Little
    "All in the game, man. All in the game."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Stick-up Artist, Vigilante, Criminal
    Age: 36 (beginning of series)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Michael Kenneth Williams
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: The Wire
    First appearance: The Buys (S1 E3)
    Last appearance: Clarifications (S5 E8)

    Omar Devon Little is a fictional character in the HBO Crime Drama series The Wire created by David Simon and portrayed by the late Michael Kenneth Williams (going by Michael K. Williams in the credits). The character is a recurring protagonist throughout the series, a stick-up artist robbing drug dealers, specifically those in the Barksdale Organization.


    Omar Little first appears in the episode "The Buys", and is introduced as a gang-banger who routinely sticks up drug dealers, stealing their heroin and money, specifically targeting those in the Barksdale Organization with greater fervor. He's often seen wielding a sawed-off shotgun and a .45 colt by his side, and often signals his arrival to his potential victims by whistling loudly. Although he usually disposes of the heroin he steals, he keeps some to give to certain people who "need a fix", specifically drug addicted mothers and the like. Omar is a known homosexual, his first boyfriend, Brandon, was killed by Stringer Bell, making them mortal enemies. Although a crook himself, Omar seeks to genuinely destroy the Barksdale Organization, and at times works with the police to that end, though his own history as a criminal often puts a dent in his testimonies.

    Why He Rocks

    1. In a series full of complex, morally ambiguous characters, Omar is probably the perfect example, being a criminal who does a lot of things that are questionable, to say the least, but also, to an extent, doing it more to clean up the streets of Baltimore. He has a lot of personality quirks and strange habits that make him fit right in with a series like The Wire.
    2. Although he often carries around guns and mugs people, he's not a very violent person, only using violence if it becomes necessary at times, but also not being willing to take any himself sitting down.
    3. His design (even if it's a live action show) is pretty iconic throughout the series, often wearing a black bandana on his forehead, a large duster, a bulletproof vest, a scar across his face, and of course, the band with which he usually holds his shotgun on his shoulder.
    4. Michael Kenneth Williams is extremely charming and likeable in the role, and that's part of the reason the character became so popular.
    5. He is easily one of the most tangible threats not only to the Barksdale Organization, but to pretty much any drug dealers, as he's willing to do whatever it takes to bring them down, and will even testify against them to the police if necessary.
    6. He definitely fits into the category of "Badass with a heart of gold", as he does do plenty of things to help people, his goal against drug dealers being largely motivated by wanting to clean the scum and "poison" off the Streets, though he'll also use some of the heroin he steals to give a single fix to drug-addicted mothers and the like to make withdrawal that much easier down the line, even if that ironically doesn't often work down the line.
    7. He is genuinely feared by drug dealers and enforcers, not only to the point where they try to set up more security against him, but also target him personally.
    8. He's a dear family man, not only treating his cohorts with respect and care, as if they were his family, but also still maintaining good relations with his grandmother. If anyone tries to hurt them, he comes back with a vengeance and specifically targets those responsible.
    9. His line "All in the game, man. All in the game." became a meme.
    10. He's responsible for plenty of badass moments throughout the series, including and especially the final scene of "Middle Ground", where he teams up with Brother Mouzone, a man he shot after being given false information only to spare when realizing it, to confront Stringer Bell, who had his boyfriend, Brandon, murdered.
    11. He's also a pretty tragic character, often losing plenty of friends during his profession, and his pursuit of vengeance sometimes making it worse for the rest of them instead. Not to mention that his homosexuality often makes him a victim of bigotry from his enemies.
    12. He's based on a real person, albeit with his sexuality changed, that being a hitman named Donnie Andrews.
    13. Because if his own illegal activities, he often becomes a target for the police himself, despite being a valuable asset against their enemies.
    14. His death near the end of the final season comes out of nowhere and it's not only absolutely heartbreaking, but perfectly spot-on with the themes of the show, that it could come from anywhere and a lucky streak can be broken.

    Bad Qualities

    1. The disturbing real life tragedy of actor Michael Kenneth Williams's life started with this show, as he was often stressed as a result of Omar's popularity and started abusing cocaine and other drugs, all of which eventually killed him in 2021 at the age of 54
    2. His death in season 5 was not without controversy, as many felt that it coming out of nowhere was a bad decision and a cheap way to kill off such a beloved character.
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