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    WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

    This article contains spoilers relating to this character and their source material.

    Olivia (Paper Mario)
    "Oh, you guys! Thank you! With all of you by my side, I might actually be able to do this! LEMME AT HIM! I'm coming for you, Brother. And this time it won't be so easy to drop a giant boulder on me! Oh, by the way... How are we actually going to get to Peach's Castle, you guys?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Hilarious Optimist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Origami
    Portrayed by: N/A
    Status: Deceased
    Alive (WarioWare: Move It!)
    Media of origin: Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Olivia is the supporting main ally to Mario, having first appeared Paper Mario: The Origami King, taking up a similar role to Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and Huey from Paper Mario: Color Splash, usually giving advice on what to do next and the younger sister to the main antagonist, King Olly. She has the personality of that of a young child; she is naive, loving and outgoing. She accompanies Mario on their journey to stop her brother after he turned Princess Peach and many of Bowser's minions into origami and uses five colorful streamers to take Peach's Castle to the top of the volcano. Mario must destroy the five streamers to regain access to Peach's Castle and save the day.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Olivia is a very entertaining character and has a fleshed-out personality who is very capable of making friends with new people and that even includes Bowser's minions and even the King of the Koopas himself.
    2. Unlike Kersti, who tends to yell at Mario a lot and is unlikable, Olivia is the opposite; she is very considerate and knows when to take responsibility for her own actions and she was willing to hold on to Luigi's hat as a memento for Mario even though she hasn't met him yet. This shows her compassionate side.
    3. Her naive as well as her dumb moments are very hilarious, such as when trying to save Bobby after he got knocked off the bridge, she mistook a spiked chestnut for Bobby and rushes up the hill, only to run away in a panic when she realized what it really was.
    4. While she can be bubbly, Olivia does have her sensitive moments, especially with experiencing the loss of a friend; one notable case involves an emotional scene when Bobby, their Bob-omb companion sacrifices himself by blowing up a boulder that her brother, Olly trapped her under in Sweetpaper Valley. When she realizes what happened to him, she starts running into the Breezy Tunnel in tears, which is completely understandable and realistic in the way people react to a loss of a loved one. She doesn't see Bobby as a standard Bob-omb that most people see, she sees him as a best friend.
    5. Her character design is cute.
    6. Unlike her brother, who thinks that folded paper is superior to flat paper and intends on using 1,000 origami cranes to wish for the genocide of all Toads due to the fact that his creator (who is a Toad) wrote on his robe and Olly thought it was a vandalizing scrawl leading to these events, Olivia is the only origami who believes that origami and folded paper can co-exist peacefully, and even after her brother created her, she keeps her free will and chooses to side with Mario.
    7. Even though King Olly put her through so much pain, she does not hold a grudge against him and is hesitant to fight him and has believed that he can be reformed, even though she failed multiple times to do so. She still thinks of Olly as her brother and was reluctant about confronting him and eventually forced to fight him. After his defeat, she reads the scribble and learns it was actually a thoughtful message that Olly was meant to be a wise and benevolent king. She becomes upset after Olly dies and honors his request to turn his body into the 1,000th crane so her wish can be granted.
    8. Just as Bobby's death was considered the most emotional moments in the Paper Mario franchise, Olivia's sacrificial wish to have all of the origami that was made by Olly to be undone is just as sad, since she was one of Olly's creations and that meant that she died to save the Mushroom Kingdom.
    9. She makes a cameo in WarioWare: Move It!, as she is shown making a cameo in the Paper Mario: The Origami King microgame.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Olivia's interruptions during the first half of the game can be a bit annoying; thankfully this subsides.
    2. There are times where Olivia isn't always very helpful and tends to trust her feelings rather than using logic the way Kamek does, such as during Spring of Jungle Mist that involves forked paths, she, Kamek, and eventually Bowser Jr. tell Mario to pick their chosen roads. Taking Olivia's path often leads to a dead end while Kamek's roads are always the right way. There is a three forked path, and Olivia and Jr.'s roads not only lead to a dead end, but also leads to a fatal encounter with a Paper Macho Chain Chomp.


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