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    "Sometimes, you just need to go with the flow."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Strong-Willed Tomboy
    Age: 20
    Species: Human (currently)
    Living incarnation of the sea (formerly)
    Portrayed by: Kelly Metzger
    Abbi Jacobson (The Lego Ninjago Movie)
    Status: Deceased (in an alternate timeline)
    Merged with the Endless Sea (formerly)
    Alive (currently)
    Media of origin: LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

    Nya is one of the main protagonists in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. She is Master Wu's seventh student, the Silver/Grey Ninja, the Elemental Master of Water, and daughter of elemental predecessor Maya, and former Elemental Master of Fire Ray, the latter who passed his powers to her older brother, Kai, known as the Red Ninja. When she was three years old, her parents were kidnapped and forced to forge armor and vehicles by the Elemental Masters of Time, Acronix and Krux, which leads her and Kai assuming that they are dead. Since then, she and her brother maintained their family-owned blacksmith shop in Ignacia until they met Sensei Wu, who recruited them to become part of the Ninja (though she claimed her own identity as Samurai X until she became the Water Ninja in season 5).

    Why She Rocks

    1. Like Zane, she is very skilled and intelligent member in the team.
    2. During the time her parents were kidnapped by the Hands of Time, she is the only one who was watching over Kai in Ignacia for years until the arrival of Sensei Wu to recruit them to become part of the Ninja.
    3. Before becoming the Water Ninja, she once claimed a secret identity of Samurai X to prove that her brother that she is not useless, as well as giving her protection deemed unnecessary from the Skullkin Army and 4 of the Serpentine Tribes.
    4. Throughout the series, she is usually responsible for inventing mechs and vehicles for herself and the rest of the Ninja.
    5. In Season 5, one of its best reveals is the fact that her water powers are inherited from her mother, as stated by Sensei Wu.
      1. Her transition from becoming Samurai X to the Water Ninja is one of her awesome character developments within the series.
    6. She has a greater role in season 6, as she reconciles her relationship with her first boyfriend, Jay, and serves as one of the two main foils to Nadakhan (who wants to marry her for his infinite wishes due to her great resemblance to his deceased wife, Delara).
    7. Similar to Mikasa Ackerman's relationship with Eren Yeager before the final season (but in reverse by roles), she considers her true perfect match, Cole, as a brother figure to her instead of him as a significant other, which saves her romantic relationship between her and Jay.
    8. Kelly Metzger does an amazing job voicing her. Her voice sounds adorable for someone who's very tough.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite her well-executed reason as to why she became Samurai X in the first place, it may be cliché and stereotypical that she stated herself as "too feminine" to become one of the group only formed by boys.
    2. In Season 10, she accidentally pulled the thrust lever in the wrong direction, which leads to Cole falling down into the darkness from the Destiny's Bounty.
    3. Like the rest of the Ninja as of Season 8, she lost her abilities of using Airjitzu and summoning her Elemental Dragon, so she won't look overpowered.
    4. She can be too stubborn at times such as in Season 14, where her powers were out of control, she gets annoyed and passes it off as if it was nothing serious.


    • Aside from Skylor Chen, who is one of its several honorary members (an ally of the Ninja instead of a main member such as Lloyd and Kai) as the Elemental Master of Amber (or power absorption), she is the first female member of the Ninja team.
      • She is also the first Ninja whose elemental powers are secondary.
    • In "Twice Bitten, Once Shy," it shows that Nya is allergic to perfume. However, she owns at least 2 perfumes from her bedroom, which are presumably hypoallergenic.
    • Along with Kai, Jay, and Cole, she is one of the four Ninja whose mother was a former Elemental Master.
    • She is similar to Noelle Silva from Black Clover:
      • They are the main heroines of the respective series who are able to generate and control water.
        • They used to have the lack of controlling their water powers.
      • Both have arrogant older brothers who truly want to protect them from any danger (Kai and Nozel Silva).
        • Solid Silva, Noelle's second older brother, is a huge exception, due to his highlighted sadistic personalities that made him abuse her since childhood.
      • They proved their claims to their brothers that they are no longer useless, along with the fact that they are stronger than they were in the beginning.
      • Both have their post-timeskip designs shown after the previous story arcs respectively (Nya as of the Sons of Garmadon arc (Season 8) and Noelle as of the Dark Triad arc (Season 4)).
      • They have love interests who are somewhat dense in terms of personalities but highly determined to protect citizens (Jay and Asta).
      • Both have their main arch-nemesis who took their mothers (Maya and Acier Silva) away from them at a young age respectively (Nya against Acronix and Krux, and Noelle against Vanica and Megicula).
        • However, the big difference is that Maya was kidnapped by Acronix and Krux while Acier was killed by the devil Megicula, who serves Vanica has her host.
      • They have allies who share the same elemental attributes:
        • Fire (Kai and Magna Swing)
        • Earth (Cole and Sol Marron)
        • Lightning (Jay and Luck Voltia)
    • Despite Nya being the one who's captured the most, she has the highest kill count in all of Ninjago.


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