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    "Hello I'm Noddy".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Naïve but kind and helpful little doll
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Doll
    Portrayed by: Denise Bryer (1955)
    Kathryn Beaumont (1963)
    Pat Kerr (1971-1972)
    Richard Briers (1975)
    Susan Sheridan (1992-2000)
    Catherine Disher (1998-2000)
    Martin Skews (2002-2006)
    David A. Kaye (2002-2006)
    Alberto Ghisi (2005)
    Teresa Gallagher (2009)
    Louis Ashborne Serkis/Valin Shinyei (2016-2020)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Noddy
    First appearance: Noddy Comes to Toyland

    Noddy is the main character of the Noddy books by Enid Blyton and it's TV adaptions. He is a young naïve toy.

    In The Adventures of Noddy, he is voiced by the late Denise Bryer, in the Noddy Goes to Toyland film, he is voiced by Kathryn Beaumont, in the audio adaptions, he is voiced by Pat Kerr. In the 1975 series, he is voiced by the late Richard Briers, in Noddy's Toyland Adventures, he is voiced by the late Susan Sheridan in the UK and Catherine Disher in the US, in Make Way For Noddy, he is voiced by Martin Skews in the UK and David A. Kaye and Alberto Ghisi in the US, in Noddy in Toyland, he is voiced by Teresa Gallagher, and in Noddy: Toyland Detective, he is voiced by Louis Ashborne Sekris in the UK and Valin Shinyei in the US.

    Why He's Noddy

    1. He is a British icon, alongside Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, Pingu (despite the first four seasons of his show being made in Switzerland), Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, and Thomas the Tank Engine.
    2. He is very helpful towards the other toys in Toyland, especially as a taxi driver.
    3. Denise Bryer does a great job voicing him.
      • On the other hand, Kathryn Beaumont, Pat Kerr, Richard Briers, Susan Sheridan, Martin Skews, David A. Kaye, Alberto Ghisi, Teresa Gallagher, Louis Ashborne Serkis, and Valin Shinyei also do great jobs voicing him.
    4. His design is really cute, especially in Make Way for Noddy.
    5. Whenever he does something bad, he always learns from his mistakes and never does it again, much like Norman Price from seasons 1-5.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He got flanderized in Noddy: Toyland Detective to a generic kid detective with no personality however he can still be likable.
      • On top of that, the iconic yellow neckerchief he wears around his neck was removed from his design, and the logo as well, he doesn't resemble a wooden doll anymore as his red cheeks are gone as well as his eyelashes and his eyes are bigger and look way too anime-like and he looks way more like a human, dumbed down to only having four fingers, and when did he get teeth.
      • Fortunately, He still has his iconic blue hat and still somewhat resembles himself unlike Bob the Builder in the 2015 reboot.
      • While he was still likable in the books, he would often throw tantrums when things didn't go his way similar to a certain bald boy and in one book, he even went as far to THREATEN someone.
    2. Catherine Disher did a terrible job voicing Noddy in US dub of Noddy's Toyland Adventures, as her voice sounds like a horribly voiced Bart Simpson than Noddy himself.
    3. His voice can sound a bit too feminine to some.
    4. While his design is cute(except Toyland Detective), it makes him look like a girl mainly due to the eyelashes which caused many people to mistake him for a girl.


    • Most of the 1955 series is lost, as most of the episodes are either lost or partially found. However, only one episode has been fully found: Noddy and the Moon.
    • One of the Transformers from the IDW comics, Tappet, is based on him and he transforms into his iconic car. He also wears his outfit: a blue hat with a bell, a red torso, blue shorts, and colored cheeks.
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