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    "The name's… NINE!!!!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: A Cynical, yet Relatable Anti-Hero
    Age: Unknown (Possibly the same age as his mainstream counterpart)
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Ashleigh Ball
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic Prime
    First appearance: Shattered

    "You know, after all this time, I think I finally understand you, Sonic. You want to save everyone; friends, foes, total strangers. You say it's because you're a hero, and that's what heroes do. But deep down, after what you did, destroying your own home, it's the only way you can ever live with yourself, even if that means you won't live at all."


    Nine (ナイン Nain), also known simply as Tails Nine, is a character that appears in the Sonic Prime television series. Much like the game Tails, he is a two-tailed anthropomorphic fox with seven mechanical tails and is an alternate version of Miles "Tails" Prower from another dimension, who resided underground in New Yoke City until finally building his own home in The Grim, which is where he currently resides. Nine is one of the many variations of Tails created by the shattering of the Paradox Prism. He is voiced by Ashleigh Ball, who also voices Tails, Mangey Tails, Sails Tails, and Bunny Bones.

    Why He's an Interesting Concept of a Dark Version of Tails

    1. He serves as a dark counterpart to Tails. While Tails is usually friendly, optimistic and coy, Nine is anti-social, cynical and aggressive.
    2. He has a sympathetic backstory: Like Tails, he was bullied by two jerks for having two tails, but unlike his counterpart who always had Sonic by his side, Nine has never been defended by anyone and has been bullied for years. So he built seven extra mechanical tails to defend himself without needing anyone.
    3. He's like a representation of how Tails would’ve been like if Sonic had never been by his side.
    4. He has a very sarcastic demeanour, which shows that he has some backbone like Tails.
    5. His personality is very relatable to some kids.
    6. After what happened during the Season 2 finale, he became the main antagonist in Season 3, but thankfully he redeemed himself.
    7. He was very powerful using the Paradox Prism’s energy and he was like a true villain.
    8. Character development: He starts out as a cynical and anti-social fox who never relies on anyone and is usually independent. But, since meeting Sonic, he started to see him as a true friend and even wanted to work on the Grim to make it a home for Sonic since he lost his original universe. But after an argument with Sonic in the Season 2 finale about the hedgehog never considering what he wanted, he betrays him and Shadow and takes the Prism Shards to work on the Grim, which causes a decay of the Shatterverse. But fortunately, in the series finale, thanks to Sonic, he starts to see the error of his ways and feels remorse and guilt. Then, he helped defeat the Chaos Council and used Prism's energy to restore the other Shatterspaces, including Green Hill.
    9. His character design is great.
    10. In the finale, before Sonic left for his home world, he gave him a hug which was very heartwarming.
    11. Ashleigh Ball does a good job voicing him just like his counterparts.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While his behavior is relatable, he can sometimes be a jerk.
    2. Unlike his prime counterpart, he's a bit selfish, since while he was working on the Grim, he never cared about how his actions could destroy everything.
      • To be fair, his selfishness and aggressiveness can basically be quite understandable and somewhat excused since he's meant to be a dark counterpart to Tails.
    3. While Ashleigh Ball does a good job voicing him, it can sound a bit like Rainbow Dash.
    4. His fate isn't resolved in the series finale "From the Top". Since Sonic and Shadow stopped the main events of the series from occurring, it isn't confirmed if he's still around.


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