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    Nesmith (Planet Sheen)
    "Well, 40 years ago, my capsule crashed, I believe the extreme atmosphere and pressure caused an acceleration of brain cells, giving me advanced intellegance and the ability to speak."
    Gender: Male
    Type: An good Jimmy Neutron parody
    Age: 20
    Species: Talking chimpanzee
    Portrayed by: Bob Joles
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: mh:terribletvshows:Planet Sheen

    Mr. Nesmith, commonly known as Nesmith, is an intelligent American chimpanzee and a main character in the Nickelodeon TV series Planet Sheen. He, along with Dorkus and Pinter, are the only 3 likable characters in the awful spin-off.

    Why He's Like A Good Parody Of Jimmy Neutron

    1. Despite being vaguely a soft parody of Jimmy Neutron, but he's honestly a good one, being one of the few cases where a rip-off character is done right.
    2. Nesmith is a pretty smart chimpanzee, explaining that the space travel and the effects he came across made him intelligent. It also gave him the ability to speak English.
    3. He has a few more positives than Jimmy to be honest, as he's a lot more patient, especially when it comes to dealing with the flanderized Sheen’s stupidity and obnoxiousness. He always corrects Sheen on his obvious mistakes and tries his best to help him.
    4. He is also a pretty active character, when it comes to doing common things like reading, and he always does things to help out his friends, instead of always relying on inventions to help save the day.
    5. He usually learns from his mistakes whenever he makes them, and uses them to improve his results and that makes him a better person.
    6. He makes sure he's always thinking things through to make sure they work, and also use his learnings from his mistakes to increase chances of success, such as helping rebuilt Sheen’s rocket.
    7. He cares about his friends and will make sure they are always safe and happy, and is definitely the better friend of the entire group, especially compared to Sheen.
    8. He, along with Dorkus, are the only likable characters from an otherwise awful spin-off.
    9. His character design is passable.
    10. Bob Joles gives a pretty good performance as him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He's still a rip-off of Jimmy Neutron, but at least he's likable.
    2. Nesmith can be considered a Butt-"Monkey" (no pun intended), as he normally gets hurt for no apparent reason most of the time. For example, in the final episode, he gets a cold, only for it to get worse near the end of the episode.
    3. Despite being the most likable character in the show, he can be seen as boring, one-dimensional, or bland for the fact he's usually the scapegoated "voice of reason" smart guy without having any other traits that make him interesting.


    • Mr. Nesmith is based off of Michael Nesmith of The Monkees. His similarities include wearing a wool cap like the real Mr. Nesmith did.
    • Mr. Nesmith should be either dead or nearing his final years since chimps live to be 40 to 60, but his increased intellect may come into play, which could expand his lifespan.
    • Once he gets back to Earth, he should become as smart as a regular chimp, unless the Zeenuian air is only needed to be whiffed to have an everlasting intellectual upgrade.


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