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    Neena Thurman/Domino (Marvel)

    Neena Thurman
    “I'm a Disney Princess”
    Gender: Female
    Type: Charismatic Superheroine
    Age: 30s
    Species: Mutant
    Portrayed by: Zazie Beetz
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: X-Force #8 (Comics)
    Deadpool 2 (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Domino (Neena Thurman) is Marvel superheroine and has probability manipulation powers. She often teams up with Deadpool and has been dating Cable on and off ever since her debut.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Although she may seem kind of snarky and sometimes greedy and selfish, she has a good heart and deeply cares about her friends and family. Her acts of kindness are sometimes questionable, mainly stealing things to give people she cares about gifts instead of buying or making something, such as stealing a car for Wolverine.
      • She has a 5 year old brother named Lazarus and he’s adorable. Domino tried to save him once but her attempts were unsuccessful due to her abusive and authoritarian mother, Beatrice Thurman who wants nothing more than Lazarus to be dead.
    2. She has a very unique design, she looks like a band member from the band, Kiss and it makes her disguises less recognizable, especially when she disguised herself as a clown to look for a villain at the circus and disguised herself as vampire to go to a haunted mansion on Halloween night. Villains would never guess that it's her. She also looks like a statue.
    3. She clearly doesn't get along with other superheroes, especially the Avengers and when she's around the superheroes she doesn't like, she just wears a deadpan face the whole time and it's funny.
    4. Her sole comics can be hilarious at times, as she sometimes stops to tell jokes. Sometimes she comes off as being just as funny as Deadpool. She also sometimes has wacky, exaggerated facial expressions, which are just as funny as her jokes.
    5. Her relationship with Cable is very adorable and they are very supportive of each other.
      • She is shown be very in love with Cable and was clearly missing him when he died, during the Cable (2020) comics, when her first appearance in the comics shows her clearly depressed and crying, she’s crying because Cable’s dead.
    6. Her good luck powers and probability manipulation are very cool powers and she can literally get a good outcome from all of her battles and life, unfortunately, the powers don't work at her will, they work whenever, especially when she really needs them.
    7. Her wedding with Deadpool and divorce was very fun, while Deadpool was sad, it was right for her because Deadpool is just a friend to her.
    8. She's friends with Outlaw and Diamondback and her adventures with them are very fun.
    9. Domino’s idea of a party is very relatable, she likes to go all out, including a DJ and a light show. Her parties can be just as extravagant as Tony Stark’s.
    10. Her dynamic with Quicksilver is funny because she often gets annoyed with his impatience.
    11. An action figure of her reveals she owns a Deadpool plushie, while it's not shown in the comics, her plushie is cute.

    Bad Qualities

    1. The way she was presented in Deadpool 2 angered some fans due to her looking far from her original comic design.
    2. Domino is sometimes greedy and hungers for money due to her being a mercenary, however, it sometimes gets the best of her but she's still lovable.
    3. Despite being a hero, Domino sometimes steals, but stealing is often for a good cause, for example, stealing a car for Wolverine to have a car of his own and stealing a dog from Nightcrawler because she feels lonely and wanted to have a pet of her own. While stealing is wrong, Domino often steals for a good cause.
    4. Ever since the Domino (2018) comic series, Domino has been reduced down to the butt monkey. Where she always has the world against her and she's always put in situations where she's suffering and hurt, from getting her house robbed to going through near-death experiences such as falling to her death and nearly drowning, only to get hypothermia to actually being killed in a train wreck, thankfully, she came back to life a few issues later. Domino does not deserve the treatment she gets in most recent comics featuring her.
      • Which doesn’t make her joke about being a Disney Princess is not funny because whenever she’s put in a situation where she’s suffering or being tortured, a male superhero or a man often saves her from it. This also makes her seem like a damsel in distress when she can clearly fight for herself.


    • Domino did debut as herself but rather a disguised Copycat in The New Mutants #98. Her first true debut was in X-Force #8, although it was a cameo.
    • Sometimes Domino can be associated with the domino game pieces.
      • Spider-Man even made a joke about her naming herself after Domino’s, a pizzeria chain.
    • As revealed in Domino (2018), she apparently has a desire to become a princess.


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