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    Nate Wright
    "This is awesome!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lazy but Likable Middle School Student
    Age: 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ben Giroux (TV series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Big Nate


    Nate Wright is the titular character in the comic strip and book series Big Nate. He is the main protagonist that goes to the middle school P.S. 38.

    Why He's Our Big Nate

    1. He's pretty relatable and funny, and has a certain charisma about him that makes him really likable.
    2. His dimwitted tendencies are pretty funny due to them not being over-the-top.
    3. He's shown that he's very capable of doing good work, but is simply lazy which is pretty ironic and hilarious.
    4. He has exaggerated, but bright ideas for his future.
    5. He's been able to uphold relationships pretty well, at least for a while.
      • He dumped one of his girlfriends, Trudy, because she took up all of his time and he missed his friends, which is a pretty selfless move considering how insufferable his friends actually are.
      • He once brought his ex-girlfriend Angie back together with the guy she dumped him for, which is really selfless and admirable considering how hard that must've been for him.
    6. Underneath his rough edge, he's clearly a good kid at heart.
    7. Some of his flaws, such as his sloppiness, are more hilarious than annoying.
    8. He's really skilled at art and comics, and isn't afraid to do the things he loves.
    9. In the book series, he's even better, with his narcissism extremely toned down, letting his kinder side shine through more.
    10. He's adventurous and never gives up when he puts his mind to something.
    11. He has a cool and unique design that really stands out.
    12. He's been able to put up with an insufferable dad and the absence of a mom for a pretty decent amount of time.
    13. His misadventures are really creative, funny, and witty.
    14. He managed to get over his creepy, obsessive crush on Jenny, making him much more likable.
    15. His butt-monkey tendencies make you feel a lot of sympathy for him.
    16. Although he has a fair number of unlikeable moments (see "Bad Qualities"), a number of them are rather relatable to the everyday reader, specifically those growing up while in grade school. He comes off as rather unintentionally sympathetic (i.e. the type of protagonist the audience knows is not perfect, but we still root for him nonetheless).
    17. For all of his many faults, he has a heroic and noble side, which he demonstrates occasionally.

    Intentionally Bad Qualities

    1. He shows many signs of narcissism, and is very full of himself.
    2. He can be pretty oblivious and dimwitted to the extent that it becomes annoying.
    3. He is quite the pervert, and is in love with the saucy main character of the comic book series Femme Fatality.
      • Additionally, he had a long-standing obsessive crush on a girl named Jenny Jenkins, but eventually gave up on it.
        • Although honestly, that's a good thing considering Jenny is even more loathsome than Nate's crush on her.
    4. He is a huge butt-monkey, and gets ridiculed, teased, and insulted more times than one can count. While he does deserve it every now and then, he sometimes receives it uncessaary.
    5. While this is intentional, he isn't a very good role model most of the time.


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