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    Napoleon and Lafayette (The Aristocats)

    Napoleon and Lafayette
    Snapshot 4.png
    Okay, let's charge! (Lafayette)
    Wait a minute. I'm the leader! I'm the one that says when we go... Here we go. Charge! (Napoleon)
    Gender: Male (Both)
    Type: Hilarious Duo of Sassy Protectors
    Age: Unknown (Both)
    Species: Dog (Both)
    Portrayed by: Pat Buttram (Napoleon)
    George Lindsey (Lafayette)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Aristocats

    Napoleon and Lafayette are a pair of dogs who appear in Disney's 1970 animated feature film The Aristocats. Napoleon is a Bloodhound and Lafayette is a Bassett Hound. The two are stray dogs that live on an abandoned windmill site in the French countryside. Their one hobby is chasing anything on wheels that comes near their territory.

    Why They Rock


    1. Their light-hearted antics are what make them the funniest characters in the whole movie.
    2. Because of their humorous charm and likability, this makes them one of the most underrated comic reliefs in Disney history with the likes of the chemistry with duos like Kronk and Yzma from Emperor's New Groove.
    3. Speaking of their antics, although unintentional, they were responsible for saving the titular cats themselves by chasing after Edgar. If it wasn't for them, Edgar would've gotten away with selling the cats he kidnapped.
    4. Their shenanigans, alongside the movie's level of cuteness and music numbers, are the most memorable thing about The Aristocats, the movie itself wouldn't be nearly as funny or hilarious without them!
    5. They are a classic double act that works well off each other.
    6. The duo also have great chemistry/relationship with each other and make a perfect comedic duo. They got each other's backs and despite their constant misunderstandings of the actual problems that ensue, they're always there for each other.
    7. They are always accompanied by a theme song with a deep jazzy vibe and it is very catchy & tuneful to listen to.
    8. Their quick quips and one-liners are always entertaining to listen to, examples of these include:
      • "I'm the leader, I'll decide what it was... ... it was a little 'ol cricket bug."
      • "Oh shucks Napoleon, that ain't nothing but a little 'ol cricket bug."
      • "What uh!? What's GOING on?! Lafayette! What in TARNATION are you trying to do??"
      • "And WHERE'S MY BABY BUY BASKET?!?!"
      • "And whoever it is is gonna get it, and get it good."
      • "This is NO time to turn chicken!"
      • "You're not going to believe this, but it's a one-wheel haystackǃ"
      • "Well he didn't hurt me, he hit me on the head! *goofy chortle*"
      • "That's MY hat! I'M the leader!!"
      • "'Ey don't get mad at me! I didn't do nothin'"
      • "Well, sail again Napoleon! I guess you can't win 'em all!"


    1. Pat Buttram does a great job voicing him.
    2. He is the clever one of the two and is hilariously aggravated by Lafayette's stupidity, especially with side-splitting lines like “Oh hush your mouth!”.
    3. His sarcasm provides many witty and funny moments.
    4. Despite reminding Lafayette of his superiority, he usually takes Lafayette's advice whenever he and Lafayette are in a situation/etc. Which shows how cooperative and open-minded he actually is.
    5. He has very good hearing skills and surprisingly, he can discover various details about something by listening to it instead of sniffing. Which is very different and unique from typical traits of a dog like having a perfect sense of smell.
    6. His memorable catchphrase by saying “I'm the leader!” before coming to a self-proclaimed conclusion about what to do is very funny to watch.


    1. George Lindsey does a great job voicing him.
    2. Despite being the dumbest one in the duo, Lafayette's laid-back personality and loyalty towards Napoleon by being a friendly companion, are what makes him likable.
    3. His stupidity is very charming, endearing, and hilarious to watch.
    4. He usually trips over his ears and has to lift them with his paw to hear things properly, which is a cute detail.
    5. Despite being a bit dumb and impulsive, he has moments of being wise or practical in a situation.
      • He also makes light of the fact that they've been outsmarted twice by Edgar, causing Napoleon to beat him on the head comedically.

    Bad Qualities


    1. They never get to interact with the main characters, which are the cats (especially since they unintentionally saved them from Edgar), as their purpose is to simply be the source of the movie's comedic relief.
    2. They never win against Edgar, someone who deserved the bad stuff that was coming to him.


    1. Despite being smarter than Lafayette, there are times when he can jump to hasty conclusions when he targets Lafayette for the loud disturbances that Edgar caused (still not knowing that Edgar was around right after he becomes somewhat suspicious about what Edgar was doing undercover).



    • Despite Napoleon and Lafayette hailing from France, they spoke with a heavy Southern United States accent since their voice actors Pat Buttram and George Lindsey were both from Alabama.
    • They've made an appearance in House of Mouse in the episode "Pluto Saves the Day".
    • Napoleon was named after General Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military, political leader, and Emperor of the French, and Lafayette was named after Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat and a general in the American Revolutionary War and a leader of the Garde Nationale during the French Revolution before being tried as an enemy of the state in the aftermath of the latter event and forced out of France with his life.
    • In the upcoming children's book series The Aristokittens, the second book titled "The Great Biscuit Bake-Off!" involves Duchess' three kittens (Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz) hosting a dog biscuit bake-off in Parisian Critter Café. In the book, Napoleon and Lafayette are given puppies which was revealed by Jennifer Castle (author of the book series) on January 8, 2022.


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