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    Note: Not to be confused with Nahoul from Tomorrow's Pioneers.

    When you combine Dipper Pines and Steven Universe into a single character who speaks Spanish and originated in South America? This guy is what you get.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Smart, Young and Kind-Hearted Adventurer
    Age: 12 (pre-teen)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Consuelo Pizarro
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Nahuel y el Libro Mágico/Nahuel and the Magic Book

    Nahuel is a titular main protagonist from the 2020 animated adventure fantasy coming-of-age film based on the same name Nahuel and the Magic Book (Nahuel y el Libro Mágico). After the death of his mom 11 years ago, He's a regular boy who lives in a small town in the Chiloé Archipelago, who has a deep fear of the sea despite his father is a fisherman. After a chase by the bullies, He chases the cat who took the house keys and takes him to the abandoned house after it. He looks at the magical book, the Levisterio, to conquer his fears of the sea. He took it and there might be consequences as his dad got kidnapped by Kalku. Now it's up to him and Fresia to find his dad while conquering his fear of the sea.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He's a caring, self-conscious, soft-hearted, intelligent, and likable protagonist and he's an inspiration from the three characters from different companies (see WHR#2)
    2. Director Germán Acuña said he was inspired by the characters from Studio Ghibli, especially from Future Boy Conan (Conan: El Niño Del Futuro), but the fans of the film said he's a combination of the characters from the famous Western characters like Steven Universe and Dipper Pines based on his character design, personality and story arc, in fact, he, along with Dipper Pines and Steven Universe, is one of the best examples of "The Friendly Loved Boy" type.
    3. Speak of which, here are the similarities (S means Steven and D means Dipper)
      • Both of them live in a seashore town. S
      • Their mothers, Rose and Consuelo (not to be confused with the voice actor) died by giving birth to their sons. S
      • They're the only children without a sibling. S
      • They are animal lovers. S
      • Gets bullied because they're weak. D
      • Apologetic and curious. D
      • Reads the mythical book of the Levisterio and Journal#3. D
      • Clever enough to outsmart his enemies. D
      • Going on the adventure. D and S
      • Have a strict parent but become overprotective. D and S
      • Have a strong companion, Ruende, Ford and Garnet. D and S
      • Have a love interest, Fresia, Pacifica and Connie. D and S.
      • A weak coward kid from the beginning into a smart brave man in the end. D and S
    4. Consuelo Pizarro, despite she's a woman, was a pretty unique and fitting voice for Nahuel like she pitching voices of Conan from Detective Conan, Rubble from Paw Patrol, Zack from Zack and Quack, Luis from the infamous movie Luis and the Aliens (her voice acting of Luis is better than the English dub), Coné in Condorito 3D and more.
    5. Two words: Character development. He starts from a weakling grieving boy who is afraid of the ocean to a man who conquered his fears.
    6. He's a helpful kid who always takes care of his friends and family, like when he and his dad had fun fishing in the boat, he helping Elzaino clean the tavern alongside Fresia, and he's unwilling to watch Fresia falls down from the lighthouse so he dives into the ocean to save her.
    7. He'll do everything he can in his power, even without the book, to save his father, or yet, the world.
    8. Despite he's a timid kid, he outsmarts the goblin dealer Chon-Chon, and even tackles the world-destroyer Kalku away from the Levisterio from using the dark spell to the Cai-Cai.
    9. As mentioned in WHR#1, he can often describe in two words as a warmhearted and adventurous nerd who had his relationship with his dad (Antonio), mom (Consuelo), companion (Ruende) and best friend (Fresia).

    Bad Qualities

    1. He stole the book from the abandoned house to conquer his fear of the sea, which makes a lot of consequences later on in the film, however it makes sense to make the plot going for him.
    2. He can be too addictive to the Levisterio and meanspirited like he didn't listen to Ruende and Fresia when he made a deal with Chon Chon and Trauco, and a scene when he left Fresia behind to chase down Trauco, accusing him for stealing the Levisterio, but thankfully he redeemed himself.


    • The character design that the director was inspired by from the anime, Conan: el niño del futuro (Conan: The Boy From Future/Future Boy Conan in English and 未来少年コナン/Mirai Shōnen Konan in Japanese).
    • Ironically, the voice actress, Consuelo Pizarro, was the voice of Conan Edogawa, the titular protagonist of Detective Conan.


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