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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Mentions of killing.

    "Before we met, scary stuff was actually... pretty scary. And tonight, too, 'cause you weren't with me to make it fun somehow. I kind of forgot what that was like."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Friendly Drone
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Disassembly Drone

    Worker Drone (formerly)

    Portrayed by: Michael Kovach
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Murder Drones
    First appearance: PILOT
    Last appearance: Dead End

    Serial Designation N-0X0010010, or simply known as N, is the deuteragonist of Murder Drones.

    He is a friendly Disassembly Drone who, like numerous of his kind, was originally a Worker Drone recovered by Tessa to reside at Elliott Manor as a butler, where he met V, J and the AbsoluteSolver disguised as Cyn. Some time afterwards, N and his fellow Workers were rebuilt by the Solver into Disassembly Drones with suppressed memories and fabricated ones. Copies of himself, V and J respectively were deployed to Copper 9 to terminate all visible Workers seemingly for JCJenson, during which he had often been disrespected and treated badly by his teammates. One night, N met and befriended Uzi, who provided him encouragement and convinced him to turn against his squad and rescue her colony, Outpost 3, from their attempted massacre.

    Aiding Uzi in her ambition to eliminate all of humanitywhile holding V prisoner, N and Uzi then returned to Outpost 3, where they encountered the vastly mysterious Solver in one of its monstrous incarnations, sparking curiosity in him about his origins. After distancing himself from the fearful Uzi for weeks, he partnered with her to try and prevent V from murdering an entire school prom, only to confront and battle Doll, a Solver carrier, with V's help. The three continued investigating clues regarding the Solver's mysteries, though N was weary of V for her own awareness. During a trip to Camp 98.7, he was able to emotionally comfort and ease Uzi when she lost sanity to her powers' corruption, thus developing their bond further.

    Both N and V's memories were then at the threat of being erased again by their internal Solver program, however, Uzi hacked into their shared consciousness to help N relive these moments before foiling the Solver's attempt, restoring their memory files. The three of them reunited with Tessa and worked together to dive into Cabin Fever Labs to further try and stop their common AI enemy's agenda. In private, N was informed of Earth's destruction and the dangers of the Solver infection by Tessa, who firmly requests for him to soon eliminate Uzi, being infected, for the greater good. N and his friends were soon ambushed by Anti-Drone Sentinels, forcing V to remain and seemingly sacrifice herself to save the others, leaving N heartbroken.


    N has features of a typical male Disassembly Drone, with neon yellow eyes and short silver hair parted to the left. Like other Disassembly Drones, he has four-fingered hands, two tiny glowing dots behind the legs, a black headband with five sections of lights on it, and a long black tail ending in a large syringe, the headband and syringe both containing Nanite Acid. After his head was destroyed by Uzi's railgun, one of his headband lights was colored red, which reverted to yellow after his system rebooted thanks to J slapping him in the head. He wears a black winter coat with a fur collar and a black pilot hat.

    When he is hunting, his mouth reveals several jagged teeth while his eyes become an "X" shape. N was also seen with one normal eye while the other was X-shaped. His visor can also display a pair of sunglasses and a bit of text, as seen in Dead End. He also has metal wings with bladed feathers and claws that allow him to tear through any drone.

    Why He’s Our N Forever

    1. He is a good friend to Uzi, as he is seen helping uzi during the episodes.
    2. He has a ton of heroic moments, here are a few examples:
      • In "PILOT" he and Uzi intervene, and a fight ensues. Uzi fought J while N fought V. At one point, he licked one of V's blades to disorient her, giving N a chance to kick V and slam her into the ground. N then ties V up with her tail.
      • In "Heartbeat he and Uzi then go after Thad to save him, where they encounter a hologram of Thad created by the AbsoluteSolver to try and trick them. This attempt fails and N throws a ninja star which Uzi kicks in mid-air giving the star a boost, and the star cuts off the limb of the Solver holding Thad. The hologram then disappears and Thad runs away, after Thad escapes Uzi asks what the Solver is, and the Solver then shows a hologram of someone who may be Uzi's mother, and the hologram says she's disappointed Uzi doesn't remember them, when Uzi asks N about it, N is nowhere to be found. the AbsoluteSolver would then make Uzi uncertain and scared by creating a hologram of her father, Khan, in front of her, ripping Khan in half and eating his corpse.
    3. He is very funny, As he there are some moments in the series to show that he is hilarious.
    4. In "Dead End" He was willing to sacrifice himself just to save Uzi, Talk about heroic in it’s own right.
    5. Micheal Kovach does a phenomenal job voicing him.
    6. His plush version looks really cute, and while some considered the revamped N plush a step down from the old one, the revamped plush still looks really cute.
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